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Event Services

B.C. Rogers - Second Floor

The entire second floor of B.C. Rogers Student Center

B.C. Rogers Entire Second Floor Reservation Form

Contact Information

Event Details

This includes room unlock, A/C turned on, etc.
Events and rehearsals should not run over 12:00am Midnight

Reservation Policy

I understand that the completion of this form does not guarantee the use of B.C. Rogers. I understand that Event Services staff will contact me to confirm my reservation.

Guidelines for Facility Use

B.C. Rogers exists for the main purpose of use during Mississippi College sponsored or co-sponsored events. Other events may be held in this facility when conflicts do not arise with college events. Decisions about which events may be approved to use the Facilities are made by the Office of Event Services and/or by the COO/CFO (Events are subjected to being bumped by college activities).

B.C. Rogers must be reserved at least two weeks prior to the event and no earlier than six months prior to the event. Clients not affiliated with MC may reserve B.C. Rogers; however, reservations are not considered confirmed until a deposit is received.

Mississippi College is affiliated with the Mississippi Baptist Convention and governed by a Board of Trustees selected by the Mississippi Baptist Convention. As a religiously controlled institution of higher education, Mississippi College reserves the right to limit use of its facilities for activities, groups and purposes consistent with its mission and values.

Groups using Mississippi College facilities for events must utilize the officially approved graphics standards and logos for event publicity, registration, etc. The standards can be found at Questions should be directed to the Office of Public Relations.

The organization using the facility is responsible for seeing that the function is conducted in an orderly manner, that each participant observes the rules and regulations of the College, and that the facility is put back in order after the event has ended. The organization will be charged for any loss or damage to equipment, furniture, or the physical facility.

Nothing is allowed to be taped or posted on walls, doors or windows.

Furniture and equipment may be moved only by the physical plant staff.

Food or drink is not allowed in the auditorium.

Candles are not allowed to be used in the facilities.

Anyone who uses a facility of the College without proper authorization is subject to immediate removal

If warranted, Mississippi College reserves the right to cancel events due to extreme/unforeseen circumstances. Such decisions will be made by the President.

Internal Information

Recurring Event

Please list details pertaining to how often this event will occur, and when it will stop recurring. (E.g. This event will happen every Tuesday and Thursday starting May 1 and ending May 31.)

Rental Fees

Our current rental fee for B.C. Rogers entire second floor is $3500.00 per day. This includes Anderson Hall and 5 meeting rooms. Pricing for A/V will be determined based on the exact needs of your event. A deposit of half the fee will be required to confirm the reservation. The remaining balance will be due 48 hours prior to date of event.


The Audio/Video/Lighting systems in B.C. Rogers can only be operated by trained A/V/L technicians designated by Mississippi College. For further questions about what is possible in B.C. Rogers, please contact the Audio/Visual Production Manager at (601) 925-7603 or

The Audio/Video/Lighting systems in B.C. Rogers can only be operated by trained A/V/L technicians designated by Mississippi College. Fees for this service will vary depending on the complexity of the event. After filling out this form, an A/V quote will be sent to you. For further questions about fees or what is possible in B.C. Rogers, please contact the Audio/Visual Production Manager at (601) 925-7603 or

Audio/Visual Needs


Additional Setup Details

Describe how you need items placed on stage or in the lobby, e.g. "Place podium center stage with two chairs on each side." Also include any other details pertaining to the desired setup of the room, such as number of tables/chairs, room layout, etc.


Catering Information

All arrangements for food service in B. C. Rogers Student Center MUST be made through Campus Dining, Inc. Completion of this form does NOT guarantee the availability of Campus Dining. Contact Mike Prince at (601) 925-7797 or email

Campus Dining Guide can be found at

I understand Campus Dining, Inc. has exclusive rights to food service in B.C. Rogers and agree to contact them to confirm their availability for my event.

Parking Requests

Requests for parking reservations can be made at

Additional Information and Comments

Forms can be limiting. If you have other pertinent information, please include it below. If you have questions about the status of this request, please email

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