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Provine Chapel Reservation Form

Provine Chapel Reservation Form

Contact Information

Event Details

This includes room unlock, A/C turned on, etc.

Reservation Policy

I understand that the completion of this form does not guarantee the use of Provine Chapel. I understand that Event Services staff will contact me to confirm my reservation.

Guidelines for Facility Use

Use of the Chapel

Mississippi College is affiliated with the Mississippi Baptist Convention and governed by a Board of Trustees selected by the Mississippi Baptist Convention and is operated within the Christian aims and ideals of Baptists. As a religiously controlled institution of higher education, Mississippi College reserves the right to limit use of its facilities for activities, groups and purposes consistent with its mission and values.



Pipe Organ and Grand Piano

Space in P106 (classroom) for dressing and restrooms located on the ground floor

Space in P102 is designated exclusively as a lobby for those entering and exiting the elevator. THIS AREA CANNOT BE USED FOR DRESSING AND THERE CAN BE NO FOOD OR DRINK IN THIS AREA.

The elevator can be entered downstairs in P102.

There is a sound system in Provine and a sound technician will be available 1 hour prior to the event and until the event is over. Additional details can be found in the Audio/Visual section of this form.

Pews and altar rails are stationary and may not be moved for any reason.


All decorations must be free standing; they may not be attached to the walls. Garlands and bows attached to rails and pews are acceptable. (No tape, please.) No decorations may be placed in windows, on the piano or on the organ. No decoration should damage or mar any part of the building or its furnishings.

Mechanical candles are required. Wax tapers are not allowed.

Clean-up after the event:

1. All decorations and all trash are to be removed from the Chapel within three hours of the event.

2. All personal belongings and trash must be removed from the areas used.


Campus Security will unlock and lock the doors according to the reservation form hours provided.

Decorators, musicians, etc., may schedule other times to view the Chapel with the Director of Event Services: (601) 925-7604

The Maintenance Department will have the building cleaned, cooled or heated as needed.


NO food or dink is allowed in Provine Chapel

Use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, and/or drugs in Provine Chapel or anywhere on campus is strictly prohibited.

Internal Information

Recurring Event

Please list details pertaining to how often this event will occur, and when it will stop recurring. (E.g. This event will happen every Tuesday and Thursday starting May 1 and ending May 31.)


The sound system in Provine Chapel can only be operated by trained A/V/L technicians designated by Mississippi College. Fees for this service will vary depending on the complexity of the event. After filling out this form, an A/V quote will be sent to you. For further questions about fees or what is possible in Provine Chapel, please contact the Audio/Visual Production Manager at (601) 925-7603 or

Audio/Visual Needs

Parking Requests

Requests for parking reservations can be made at

Additional Information and Comments

Forms can be limiting. If you have other pertinent information, please include it below. If you have questions about the status of this request, please email

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