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For a minor in Loss Prevention/Security Management, the student must complete the following:

Requirements   Hours
AJU 100 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
AJU 405 Introduction to Loss Prevention 3
HLS 443 Introduction to Physical Security 3
AJU 438 White Collar Crime 3
AJU 439 Kinesic Interview and Interrogation 3

Electives: (3 hrs):

Electives may be chosen from Loss Prevention, Administration of Justice, or from the following courses in the School of Business curriculum: FIN 341 Business Finance, GBU 352 Principles of Insurance, and GBU 358 Business Law and Ethics. Should an Administration of Justice major who has already taken AJU 100 minor in Loss Prevention, another three-hour elective should be chosen. Should a Homeland Security major who has already taken AJU 100 and HLS 443 minor in Loss Prevention, six hours of electives should be substituted.

Total: 18 Hours