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Note: this is not a graduate level program leading to a Master’s degree.

A 27-hour certificate in Paralegal Studies is available to the student who already has a baccalaureate degree. This program is designed to train graduates to work under the supervision of attorneys. Since paralegals (also known as legal assistants) are not licensed to practice law, they are prohibited from the Unauthorized Practice of Law, which is a crime under state law.

The major objectives of the paralegal program are the following:

  • To increase access to legal services by reducing costs to clients.
  • To encourage the growth of the paralegal profession.
  • To teach students about legal ethics and to qualify them to work as paralegals in lawrelated occupations in law offices, government agencies and businesses.

Students need above-average writing skills. All students must pass ENG 099 Writing Proficiency Examination during their first semester. Those who do not pass the Writing Proficiency Examination must take ENG 299 Composition Skills the following semester.

A minimum of 15 hours must be completed at Mississippi College. Acceptable transfer credit must be at or above the grade level of a C. Students must make a C or better in all required classes taken at Mississippi College to graduate with a certificate in paralegal studies.

Requirement Class Name Hours
PLE 201 Introduction to Law 3
PLE 300 Litigation, Rules of Court & Civil Procedure I 3
PLE 301 Litigation, Rules of Court & Civil Procedure II 3
PLE 325 Legal Research & Bibliography 3
PLE 335 Legal Writing 3
PLE 400 Practical Law Office Management 3
Choose 3 of the following:    
PLE 350 Critical Thinking & the Law 3
PLE 304 Wills & Estates 3
PLE 305 Mechanics of Property Transactions 3
PLE 320 Family Law & Equality Practice 3
PLE 410 Paralegal Internship 3