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Requirement Class Name Hours
University Core   43
Political Science   18
PLS 201 American National Government 3
PLS 202 State & Local Government 3
PLS 320 Comparative Governments 3
PLS 407 American Constitutional Development I 3
PLS 408 American Constitutional Development II 3
PLS 419 International Relations 3
PLS 499 Capstone in Political Science 3
Related Electives Choose fifteen (15) hours from the remainder of the Political Science offerings or from those History offerings carrying Political Science credit. 15
Communication Course Choose one of the following: 3
COM 202 Interpersonal Communication 3
COM 203 Professional Communication Skills 3
COM 304 Public Speaking 3
Minor Requirements A typical minor consists of 18 semester hours; however, some department minors may vary in terms of required semester hours.  The minor should be selected in consultation with the student’s advisor. 18
General Electives Sufficient elective hours must be taken to meet the minimum hour requirement for graduation in this program.  Electives should be chosen in consultation with advisor. --
Total Hours   130

Note: Students must take the major field examination approved by the department for this degree program during the final semester before graduation.