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We train students to work as paralegals (legal assistants) under the supervision of attorneys. Paralegals who attempt to practice law without a license risk violating Unauthorized Practice of Law statutes, which every state has enacted.

Paralegal courses also teach students skills that are valuable in a wide variety of jobs in business and give prospective law students more confidence and job skills to work as paralegals while they are enrolled in law school. Our program can be completed face to face or online.

Program Goals

  • Train students to assist attorneys in performing legal work in order to reduce the costs of delivering legal services to the public.
  • Promote the growth of the paralegal profession by providing attorneys with competent graduates
  • Prepare students with a general paralegal education and exposure to major areas of law.
  • Provide students with practical assignments that they are likely to encounter on the job.
  • Prepare students to draft legal documents.
  • Prepare students to perform basic legal research and analysis.
  • Give students an understanding of the court systems, both state and federal, and of the importance of procedural rules.
  • Give students an understanding of the ethical dilemmas they will encounter and how to avoid problems.
  • Give students an understanding of the paralegal career, skills needed, and employment opportunities available in private practice, government agencies, and corporate legal departments.

Students may choose from three programs:

Paralegal Studies, B.S.

Students who desire to complete this program online would be limited to a communication minor. In addition, there are fewer options for the general core and as a result, the curriculum is much more defined.

27-hour Certificate in Paralegal Studies (4-year degree required to enter)

Can be completed online as well in person. 

Minor in Paralegal Studies

The minor for Paralegal Studies can be completed online however at this time, the only B.S. degree online which can be paired with this minor is the Communication Generalist degree.