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Although minimum requirements and recommendations have been set for prospective students, the competitive student will exceed these basic thresholds in academic areas, test performance, and healthcare experience. All applicants are expected to be caring, compassionate individuals who work well with others in team settings. Cultural diversity and understanding will be highly regarded and expected. 

The competitive student applicant will have successfully completed a broad range of academic courses beyond the basic prerequisites. These courses might include genetics, cellular and molecular biology, and studies in advanced chemistry areas. The applicant should also be proficient at studying and learning independently from assigned reading formats. 

The program gives preference to applicants who have higher cumulative GPAs, science GPAs, BCP GPAs; verbal, quantitative, and writing GRE scores; and higher direct patient care hours.

Hands-on healthcare experience will be highly beneficial to any student applicant. Although 1000 hours (approximately 6 months) is recommended, a highly competitive student will have 2 years experience in the healthcare field.

The areas of academic excellence, test performance, and healthcare experiences are all highly recommended for students, but do not guarantee an applicant a place in the incoming class. In the same manner, the student who meets basic requirements should not be discouraged from applying because one or more of these competitive areas are not met. The successful applicant will be a well-rounded individual who is a self-starter but has the ability and desire to work as a productive member of the healthcare team.

For candidates who wish to take additional courses that would make them a more competitive applicant, they should consider this health science certificate program of study in preparation for the rigors of PA school.