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It is important for incoming students to know that the VA must be notified of their intent to use educational benefits. We encourage incoming students using VA benefits to fill out the appropriate forms as a first step. The VA or your Ed Resource Officer can inform you of which Chapter of Benefit you qualify for. The forms to apply for your benefit can be received from the VA or through the Veteran Outreach website by going to, Students coming to MC from other colleges and/or universities or who have changed majors while attending MC will need to fill out a Request for Change of Program or Place of Training Form, VA Form 22-1995. This form is also available on the VA or MC Veterans Outreach website by going to

After applying to receive your benefit, and applying for admission, students using VA benefits must turn a copy of their DD-214 and the Certificate of Eligibility (COE) to the Veteran Outreach Office. After enrolling at Mississippi College, students using VA benefits must submit a verification of enrollment form to the MC Veteran Outreach Office. The form can be accessed on the MC Veteran Outreach website by going here, The Mississippi College Veterans Outreach office will then notify the VA when you enroll for classes at Mississippi College. It is important to remember that students using VA educational benefits must submit a verification of enrollment form every semester.

Unfortunately, the MC Veteran Outreach Office cannot verify when the VA will disperse funding nor can we verify the amount. This information is private, and the student using the benefit will need to contact the VA for that information.

Please contact the Veteran Outreach Office should you have questions about the VA certification process, location of forms, or to verify that your verification of enrollment form has been sent from the MC Veteran Outreach to the VA.  We also welcome calls, emails, or visits from veteran students that may not know where to turn or have concerns that they’d like to address. We will take care of the issue if it is within our ability to do so, or direct you to the appropriate point of contact or office that can assist you properly. Our office is located in Nelson Hall - Office of the Registrar. Our main line is 601-925-3210. Mrs. Teresa Hill is our Coordinator of Veteran Outreach and can be reached at 601-925-3272 or at