Mississippi College

The following items are required to apply for
admission to Mississippi College:

1. Application

Complete our application at least two weeks prior to registration for each semester and pay the $25.00 application fee. You can pay your application fee at www.mc.edu/appfee

2. Transcripts


Freshmen should send an official transcript of all high school work completed to date mailed to the Office of Enrollment Services directly from the high school. Upon graduation, applicants must have a final transcript sent showing date of graduation, signature by the school official and an official seal.

Transfer Students

Transfer students need not submit a high school transcript, but must submit transcripts from all previous colleges attended.  Electronic transcripts are only accepted from Escrip-Safe and Parchment Exchange.

3. Test Scores

Official ACT or SAT scores for all applicants who graduated from high school within the last five years must be mailed directly from ACT or SAT headquarters or from the graduating high school. A minimum composite score of 18 on the American College Test (ACT), or a comparable combined score on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), is required.

4. Immunization Certificate

Mumps, Measles, and Rubella (MMR) Immunization Certificate. One immunization in the past ten years or two in a lifetime are required.

5. Housing Fee

Students seeking campus housing are required to submit a $100 fee to reserve a spot in the residence halls for their entry term.

Special Requirements

For Freshmen

Applicants who have not completed high school will be considered upon achieving passing scores on the General Education Development test (GED).

For Homeschooled Students

In additional to general admission requirements, the following items are required for homeschooled students:

  • A self-reported transcript that demonstrates completion of a high school equivalent curriculum.

Mississippi College reserves the right to require additional proof of academic achievement determined by the Director of Admissions.

For Transfer Students

In order to be classified and scholarshipped as a transfer student, you must have at least 24 transferrable hours of academic credit.  If you have less than 24 hours, your classes will still transfer in, but you will be scholarshipped as a Freshman based on your ACT/SAT score.

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