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Undergraduate Admissions

Admissions Process

We'll walk you through the application process step by step.

MC’s Admission And Scholarship Process Is Holistic

We will review a student's application, transcript with unweighted, recalculated GPA, and their official score(s) on any of the college entrance exams (ACT, SAT, CLT). For the 2025 application cycle, an official test score is required to be considered for admission. The average recalculated GPA range for admitted students from the 2024 academic year is 3.5 - 3.7 and the middle 50% scores are 23-26 on the ACT, 1160 - 1330 on the SAT, and 89-100 on the CLT.

1. Complete an application

Complete our application at least two weeks prior to registration for each semester.

Note: if you are coming to MC after high school or if you are transferring from a college/university to complete your first Bachelor's degree, select the Undergraduate Application when you apply.

2. Send us your transcripts

Students who applied to enter MC as an incoming freshman should request that their high school send an official, in-progress transcript of all high school work completed to date to the Office of Admissions. A student copy of the transcript cannot be accepted for admissions purposes. Transcripts may be sent electronically from the high school via the transcript services eScrip or Parchment or mailed directly to the Office of Admissions at Box 4026, Clinton, MS 39058.

After graduation, applicants must have a final transcript sent including the date of graduation, a signature by a school official, and an official seal.  

Students who have applied to enter MC as a transfer or are receiving credit from another college or university (such as dual enrollment credit) must submit a transcript showing college work as well. If you are still enrolled in credit at that college, we require a student copy in order to determine your admission status. If you are no longer taking classes at that college, have the college or university send a final, official transcript showing all credits completed. Final transcripts must come directly from the college or university via electronic service or mail.

Student copies can typically be obtained by either accessing your online Student Portal at the institution, or by contacting your institution's Registrar. Acceptable student copies of a transcript must:

  • Be a display of your actual transcript, not a screenshot of your student portal at the institution.
  • Include your name.
  • Include the institution's name where you are receiving credit.
  • Include all classes in which you are or have been enrolled.
  • Include grades and/or "work in progress" if you are currently enrolled.
  • Include ALL pages (i.e. you cannot only submit page 1 of 2).

3. Submit your test scores

MC requires an official on the ACT, SAT, or CLT before your application will be considered for acceptance. We accept the SAT, CLT and superscores on the ACT. Test scores for all applicants who graduated from high school within the last five years must be sent to MC directly from ACT, SAT and CLT headquarters or from the student’s high school (such as printed on an official transcript). We cannot accept score reports directly from students or parents.

After you have completed these three items, your application will be eligible for review once admission decisions begin in September. Mississippi College has rolling admissions.

After you have completed these three items, your application will be eligible for review once admission decisions begin in September. Mississippi College has rolling admissions.

Additional Steps in The MC Journey

Send us your immunization certificate

Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) Immunization Certificate is required.  One MMR immunization in the past ten years or two in a lifetime are required.  This document can be faxed, emailed, or hand delivered to the Office of Admission.  

Note:  If your degree is 100% online, you do not need to submit an immunization record.

Pay your housing fee

For students seeking on-campus housing, a one-time $200 housing fee is required in order to reserve a spot in the residence halls for the student’s desired entry term. This fee is nonrefundable, so we advise students to pay this fee when they have identified MC as one of the top schools they wish to attend. However, max housing capacity does typically occur and the earlier this fee is paid, the more likely a student is to secure a room on campus. See the Office of Residence Life for more information. 

Complete the Reserve My Place form

For admitted students, the Reserve My Place form will appear on their Student Enrollment Checklist the month before they register for classes. Students who plan to enroll in classes at MC must indicate their decision to attend MC on the Reserve My Place form. 

Special Requirements


Applicants who have not completed high school will be considered for admission upon achieving passing scores on the General Education Development (GED) test.

Homeschool Students

For homeschooled students, a self-reported transcript that demonstrates completion of a high school equivalent curriculum is accepted. 

For all students, Mississippi College reserves the right to require additional proof of academic achievement determined by the Director of Admissions.