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All Mississippi College students are responsible for reading the information contained in this Agreement. Please read carefully and print a copy for your records before accepting the terms herein and enrolling for courses. If you have any questions regarding this Agreement, contact the Business Office at 601-925-3307. 



I understand that I am registering for academic courses at Mississippi College (MC). I hereby acknowledge and agree that I am fully responsible for the cost and expense of all tuition, fees, housing and other related educational expenses associated with my enrollment in academic courses at MC.


I understand that email is the university’s official means of communication. All emails will be sent to my MC email address. I am responsible for reading the information I receive electronically from the university. It is also my responsibility to review my MC student account eBill and make payment by the given deadline.

Financial Liability Statement

I understand that if my student account is not paid by the given deadline, I will be assessed a late payment penalty. I also understand that a past due student account balance will result in a financial hold. I understand that a financial hold means that MC will withhold grade reports, transcripts, diplomas and other services if I fail to pay tuition and fees. MC will prevent me from further registration activity until all outstanding balances on my student account have been satisfied in full.

I understand that a delinquent student account balance may be reported to a credit bureau and referred to collection agencies or litigated. I agree to pay any costs associated with the collection of unpaid charges, including attorney fees and court costs. I understand that collection costs could be as much as 40% of the unpaid charges.

Course Add/Drop and Withdrawal Procedures

I understand that non-attendance does not constitute a withdrawal. I also understand that notifying my professor does not constitute a withdrawal. I further understand in order to drop my course(s), I am responsible for providing official written notification to the Registrar’s Office. To withdraw, I am responsible for providing official written notification to the Business Office.

I understand that dropping my course(s) or withdrawing may not result in any financial credit to my student account. I understand that in order to receive any tuition credit, I must drop my course(s) or withdraw by the published deadline which may be found on the Academic Calendar. Refund policies may be found in the catalog.

IRS Tax Form 1098-T

I understand that Mississippi College will deliver my IRS Form 1098-T electronically every year I have reportable transactions. If I would rather have a paper form, I must notify the Business Office at by January 10th for the previous tax year.

Change in Name, Address or Phone Number

I am responsible for updating my MC records with any changes in my name, address or phone number. Personal information must be updated in person in the Registrar’s Office, except for my address which can be updated at the Address Change Request page.