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Master of Science of
Strategic Communication (32 hours)

Students in the M.S. in Strategic Communication program engage in a variety of written, spoken, and visual communication with their professors and their peers. Students study theory and principles of strategic communication, risk communication, human psychology and behavior, public relations (in both corporate and non-profit settings), and interpersonal communication.  The program equips students to use critical thinking and analysis to develop and implement communication strategies in order to advance organizational missions and goals and to address organizational problems.  The program also provides students with theoretical and methodological foundations needed to continue their educational at the doctoral level.

Upon completion of the M.S. in Strategic Communication, students will be prepared to:

- articulate communication concepts & theories
- demonstrate critical thinking ability
- apply basic quantitative & qualitative research concepts
- employ research methods in the diagnosis of organizational problems
- deploy tools to craft, track, & measure communication effectiveness
- deploy paid, earned, shared, & owned media to reach organizational goals
- drive tactical initiatives to shape relationships with a variety of audiences
- advance organizational goals through internal & external strategies

Students completing the M.S. in Strategic Communication graduate to work in a variety of professional settings including:

- advertising & public relations agencies
- churches & ministries
- colleges & universities
- community & media relations offices
- crisis and risk communication organizations
- government offices & agencies
- issue advocacy organizations
- non-profit organizations
- political campaigns
- research analysis firms
- social media management agencies

Graduate Communication Core Courses (17 hours)

COM 5443 Public Relations (3)
COM 5449 Intercultural Communication (3)
COM 6501 Graduate Writing & Research (3)
COM 6502 Process & Effects of Communication (3)
COM 6520 Communication Ethics & Persuasion (3)
COM 6099 Graduate Portfolio (1)
COM 6599 Convocation Paper (1)

Required Program Courses (15 hours)

COM 5442 Communication Law (3)
COM 5444 Practices in Public Relations (3)
COM 5457 Strategic Crisis Communication (3)
COM 5474 Organizational Communication & Analytics (3)
MKT 6581 Market Administration (3)