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Department of Communication

Sports Media

The Sports Media concentration prepares students for the specific nuances of communication within the field of professional and collegiate sports.

Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Media

Develop the techniques and methods to effectively communicate about sports in various formats, media, and contexts.

The Sports Media concentration focuses on the broadcast, journalistic and public relations aspects of professional and collegiate sports. Graduates are prepared for careers in broadcasting, reporting, and media relations. All Communication majors also take a foundational selection of courses in public speaking, communication law and research, public relations, mass media, graphic design, and journalism.

Sports Media is offered as a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree. The B.A. degree requires an additional twelve hours of foreign languages. 

Requirements Class Name Hours
University Core Courses   42 
Communication Core   28
COM 102 Communication Research & Writing 3
COM 103 Fundamentals of Digital Communication 3
COM 201  Communication Ethics 3
COM 202 Interpersonal Communication 3
COM 304  Public Speaking 3
COM 442 Communication Law 3
COM 443 Public Relations 3
COM 480 Communication Internship 3
COM 499 Senior Portfolio 1
JOU 333

Introduction to Journalism

Sports Media Concentration Courses   18
COM 200 Campus Media Production 1
COM 300 Campus Media Production 1
COM 334 Digital Storytelling 3
COM 345 Advertising in Communication 3
COM 360 Social Media Communication 3
COM 400 Campus Media Production 1
COM 453 Sports Public Relations 3
JOU 455 Sports Journalism 3
Minor   18
Electives   12
Foreign Languages
(Bachelor of Arts only)
Additional Electives
(Bachelor of Science Only)
Total    130