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Healthcare Communication

Create policies, direct hospital services and serve as communications spokesperson for entire healthcare organizations

Earn your Professional Communication in Health Services Administration degree

It isn’t difficult to find options for a graduate-level communication degree in Mississippi these days. However, as the job market continues to become more competitive, discerning students are looking for a program that will give them an edge in a growing field and help them stand out among their peers. For these students, the Mississippi College Communication department provides a Master of Science in Professional Communication in Health Services Administration degree. Health services administration programs in hospitals around the country are in need of qualified employees to create policies, direct hospital services or otherwise serve as communications spokespeople for entire healthcare organizations. Mississippi College can prepare students to become these employees.

The department’s teaching philosophy is built around the practical application of communication principles and theory. Students are taught to research, organize and effectively deliver oral, written and visual public presentations. Additionally, each student will leave the department with a personal portfolio of work completed during their time at Mississippi College, a record of academic achievement and proof of marketable skills to future potential health services administration employers.

Students will also be required to take one elective communications course and 12 hours of health services administrations courses, including:

  • Contemporary Issues in Healthcare
  • Organizational Behavior in Healthcare Administration
  • Legal Aspects of Healthcare Administration
  • Health Services Administration Seminar

In addition to these courses, all graduate students must present a convocation paper at the Communication Department Graduate Convocation before graduation, and will complete a three-hour course to assist them with this requirement.

The MC experience

Of all the colleges in Mississippi offering graduate-level communication degrees, Mississippi College is ahead of the curve. By combining the timeless soft skills of a communication education with the in-demand field of healthcare administration, this program is one-of-a-kind and designed specifically for student success. And Mississippi College knows that busy adults need some extra help being truly successful in school, due to multiple standing responsibilities including family, full-time jobs and extracurricular activities. That’s why our courses are offered both in the evenings and online, in some instances.

If you’re looking to earn your Master’s degree in Mississippi, don’t overlook the unique offerings in Mississippi College’s Communication department. Contact us today for more information. 

You will take courses on topics such as:

  • Public Relations
  • Communication Research
  • Process and Effects of Communication
  • Persuasion

Turn your aspiration into a real-world career in professional communication in health services administration

At Mississippi College, we partner with our students to explore career opportunities at any point in the learning experience. For those on a health care communication career path, our comprehensive career services can identify career options in this field and answer any career-related questions.

What is a career in health care communication?

Graduates can pursue health care communication jobs in a number of settings, such as hospitals and other health care facilities.

For more health care communication career information, visit our Career Services department. 

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