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A Master's degree in Communication is one of the most versatile degrees offered at Mississippi College. Students can tailor their degree toward a theater, mass media, journalism, or interpersonal/public communication concentration

Earn Your Communications Degree

The Department of Communication offers the Master of Science in Communication (MSC) degree. This degree program is designed for students who are looking for communication courses in Mississippi, are interested in pursuing a graduate degree in communication, and would like to improve their marketability or prepare for doctoral enrollment.

About the Department of Communication

The Department of Communication at MC embraces a teaching philosophy that melds theory and practice. While students delve deeply into the foundational underpinnings of communication and study the history of the media, they also develop concrete skills through lots of opportunities for practical application. So graduates are well-prepared for their future careers with theoretical training and impressive portfolios.

As part of the MC Experience, our graduate classes in communication are offered in the evenings or online to accommodate the busy schedules of working adults.

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Career options

Communication graduates have the opportunity to pursue a broad range of specialties in a number of settings, from motion picture studios to advertising companies. Job titles in this field can include the following:

  • Announcers
  • Editors
  • Photographers
  • Public relations specialists
  • Reporters
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Choose Your Focus

The department offers the Master of Science (M.S.) in Applied Communication graduate degree. Students may choose one of these online degree programs:

  • Applied Communication – Generalist Degree
  • Applied Communication – Journalism Concentration
  • Applied Communication – Theater Concentration
  • Applied Communication – Online Generalist Degree
  • Professional Communication in Health Services – Online Generalist Degree
  • Professional Communication in Sports
  • Public Relations and Corporate Communication

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