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Dr. Chris Weeks and Dr. David Parker


CJ Stewart Foundation


Civitan International Symbol


Navy and Gold


Civitan is a community of men that pursue excellence academically, socially, and
spiritually. We strive to exhibit chivalry towards others while holding ourselves to a
Christ-like standard. We seek to develop the unique strengths of our brothers to grow in
servant leadership. We are not perfect men; but in everything we do, we desire to be
men that hold each other accountable while continuing to push each other towards
excellence. In accomplishments of individuals and group, we lift one another up in
celebration. Our goal is to be a club that wants to be better men, better brothers, and
better servants to one another, Mississippi College, the Clinton community, and the

"My time in Civitan has been defined by a simple code: “Excellence in Everything.”
Through the process of becoming an Active member, I found myself surrounded by a
community that accepted me no matter who I was or the season of life I was in. Civitan
desires to see the best for and out of me so that I may best serve, lead, and love others
at the university and in the future before me. Challenge is our longing, perfection is the
goal, but our very best effort in all areas of our lives is the standard. By the Lord’s grace
and blessing, no other organization has grown and developed me like this true
brotherhood has. No other organization could afford me the friendships, memories, and
opportunities other than this community in Civitan – brothers of past, present, and

-John Michael Ladner, Civitan President, 2019-2020