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Dr. Chris Weeks and Dr. David Parker


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Civitan International Symbol


Navy and Gold


Civitan is a community of men that pursue excellence academically, socially, and
spiritually. We strive to exhibit chivalry towards others while holding ourselves to a
Christ-like standard. We seek to develop the unique strengths of our brothers to grow in servant leadership. We are not perfect men; but in everything we do, we desire to be men that hold each other accountable while continuing to push each other towards
excellence. In the accomplishments of individuals and groups, we lift one another up in celebration. Our goal is to be a club that wants to be better men, better brothers, and better servants to one another, Mississippi College, the Clinton community, and the world.

"Civitan is founded on three pillars of service, brotherhood, and character. We strive daily to live out these pillars in order to point each other and those around us to Christ. Civitan has been one of my favorite things that I’ve been involved in my past three years at MC. The memories and friendships that I made over my time are ones that will surely last a lifetime. Whether it’s been swerve practices, tailgates, or even just hanging out with my brothers, my time in Civitan is something I will never forget. 

My favorite thing about Civitan is how involved the guys are around MC. It shows how much they care about our university and want to pour back into what has poured into them. Starting freshmen year, I’ve felt continually poured into by those older than me in Civitan and want to be able to provide that opportunity to others as well. Through our meetings, service, events, and everything that we do, my main goal for the year is to be able to grow closer as a community and to the Lord ultimately demonstrating the love of Christ to others.

-Wesley Thomas, Civitan President, 2021-2022