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Mississippi College Hazing Policy

The purpose of Clubs and Tribes is to create and maintain a positive social environment at Mississippi College.  Accordingly, all Mississippi College organizations should fully support the Hazing Policy of the University.  In keeping with its commitment to maintaining a positive social environment at MC, and in accordance with Mississippi State Law, Clubs and Tribes should unconditionally oppose any hazing. 

The Mississippi College Tomahawk defines hazing as an act which threatens the mental or physical health or safety of a student, causes embarrassment or humiliation, or which destroys or removes public or private property, for the purpose of initiation, admission into, affiliation with, or as a condition for continued membership in a group or organization, a student’s willingness to participate in such activity not withstanding (See Student Conduct Code).

Mississippi College further defines hazing as any willful act done by one or more individuals belonging to a Tribe or Club, whether physical, mental, emotional or psychological, which subjects another person, voluntarily or involuntarily, to anything that may abuse, mistreat, degrade, humiliate, harass, ridicule, intimidate, or endanger him or her, or which may in any fashion compromise his or her inherent dignity as a person.

The following are some general examples of activities which are generally considered hazing (This list is meant to serve only as a resource and DOES NOT list every activity considered hazing):

  • The use of food items or any other substances or application of food items or any other substances to an individual’s body or property
  • Coerced* or forced carrying or wearing of any items that causes embarrassment or humiliation
  • Coerced or forced wearing of costumes or particular clothing that causes embarrassment or humiliation    
  • Any kind of physical exercise
  • Coerced or forced consumption of food, drink, alcohol, tobacco, and/or illegal drugs
  • Coerced or forced transporting of individuals
  • The use of blindfolds
  • Activities that include humiliation, ridicule, indecent exposure or threaten social exclusion
  • Coercing or forcing illegal acts
  • Coercing or forcing acts that are immoral and/or unethical**(see section D)
  • Activities that negatively impact an individual’s academic, social, physical, or personal success
  • Personal servitude
  • Mental harassment and/or sexual harassment
  • Deception that causes embarrassment, humiliation or that threatens an individual’s physical and/or mental wellbeing
  • Any activity that involves the use of alcohol or any controlled substance in accordance with Mississippi College’s Alcohol and Drug Policy
  • Any activity that is not in accordance with Mississippi College’s established policies          

Note that it is the responsibility of ALL members of an organization to ensure that hazing is not taking place.  Anyone who is aware of hazing should alert Student Life staff immediately.  Should hazing occur in connection with any group or individual activity, disciplinary action will be taken. 

*Definition of Coerce (according to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary)

1. To restrain or dominate by force
2. To compel to an act or choice
3. To achieve by force or threat

**Section D: Conduct Unbecoming of a Mississippi College Student

Conduct on or off campus which reflects poorly on the mission of Mississippi College, or other conduct which is not becoming to the best interests of Mississippi College and/or members of the Mississippi College campus community

Hazing Report Form

The purpose of this form is to encourage members of the Mississippi College community to report acts of hazing by an student, organization or MC sponsored group. Reports will be forwarded to the appropriate Mississippi College official or office. Reports can come from any member of the MC campus community.

You are not required to give your name and personal information, but anonymous reports may be harder to investigate.