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In order to become a member of a Tribe or Club at Mississippi College an individual must go through the Recruitment process and then complete the New Member Process.   

During the Recruitment Process a “PNM” will get the chance to get to know the various Tribes and Clubs through events such as Recruitment Parties and other events. At the end of the first week, the student will then fill out an Interest Card, ranking the organizations. (1-5 for the male students wishing to be apart of a Club and 1-5 for the female students wishing to be apart of a Tribe.) The student will then submit their Interest Card online by Saturday Night at 11:59pm. After the Interest Cards are submitted, Clubs and Tribes will be able to see the list of students participating in Recruitment and their rankings of the organizations. Clubs and Tribes will then send out invitations for their individual parties in the second week of Recruitment to the PNMs. Monday and Tuesday night of the second week will consist of parties put on by each organization each night.

At the end of the Recruitment week each PNM will get the opportunity to “pref” on a Pref Card sent out electronically 9/14/2023 at 10:45pm. These Pref Cards will be due by 7am the following morning. (A PNM can have no more than two (2) unexcused absenses from Recruitment Events. If a PNM has more than two, than they will not be allowed to pref.) On Friday morning, 9/15/2023, the Council Presidents and Associate Director of Student Development will begin the Mutual Selection Process.