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How do I get in a club or tribe?

Anyone that wants to become a member of a club or tribe must participate in Recruitment. Specific guidelines for attending events are outlined at the Recruitment meeting. 

What is a PNM?

A PNM is a potential new member. Anyone going through Recruitment is considered a PNM.

What is the point of Recruitment?

Recruitment is designed for potential new members (PNMs) to get to know clubs and tribes, and club and tribe members to get to know PNMs. The events during Recruitment were created to stimulate conversations where both parties can get to know one another.

How do potential new members (PNMs) get into a club or tribe?

A system of mutual selection is used for placement in clubs and tribes. Mutual selection was created by The Council as a placement system unique to Mississippi College. Both PNMs and clubs and tribes have input in placement of new members. At the end of Recruitment, PNMs rank the clubs or tribes in order of their preference. Also, clubs and tribes will create a list of PNMs in which they would like to have as new members in their organizations. The PNM rankings and the club/tribe lists are then matched.

Can a PNM be cut from the Recruitment process?

No. Every PNM that goes through Recruitment and meets the guidelines established by The Council for new membership in a club or tribe is able to be in a club or tribe. No one is cut from the Recruitment process.

But what if I'm not on any club or tribe's list?

You will still receive a spot in a club or tribe based on your preferences and available spots within each organization.

How will I get information about Recruitment?

After signing up for Recruitment it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT you check your MC email. This is the only way that The Council will communicate with you.

How do I sign up for Recruitment?

Just click the Recruitment sign up button! Fill out the form, and then you will be directed to pay the Recruitment fee. The Recruitment Fee is $65.