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Dr. Ivan Parke / Dr. David Miller / Dr. James Strickland


The Perkins Center




The Shawreth Order seeks to provide Christian fellowship and brotherhood for male students at Mississippi College, to provide the opportunity for leadership training through service, to serve on campus and in the community, to cooperate with the administrative officers of Mississippi College, to promote scholarship, and to encourage and promote the ideals of a Biblical, Christ-like lifestyle and a standard for excellence among men of Mississippi College.

"The men and sweethearts of Shawreth stand proud in their commitment to never fail a brother, and in my three years at MC, the members of Shawreth have never failed me as their brother in Christ. Each Shawreth has their own unique story, but the Club's ideals of devotion, perseverance, and excellence accomplish unity among an extremely diverse group of men and women. Getting to know and serve each member of Shawreth has been the highlight of my college experience, and the lessons I've learned from my brothers will last long after graduation. The men and sweethearts of Shawreth continually encourage each other to strive for excellence, and I am truly grateful that they have never failed in pushing me towards Christ."

- Matthew Drew, Shawreth President, 2021-2022