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Dr. Keith Randazzo


 Mission Byram


Buffalo and Decerto Crest


Crimson and Old Gold


The purpose of Decerto is to glorify God, to diffuse culture and encourage chivalry among men, to promote good fellowship through social events, to encourage studiousness, to promote spiritual maturity, to serve both the campus and the community, to inspire its members in seeking the best in their chosen lines of study as well as in life.

"The novelty of Decerto allows each individual member to play a major role in defining direction and forming deep bonds within our smaller membership. While the overall vision of Decerto is that of chivalry and discipleship, our image is in the process of being created. We exist for the purpose of teaching young men to stand firm in their faith, in other words: to honor everyone, love the brotherhood, and fear God.”

-Dillon Hunt, Decerto President, 2020-2021