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Dr. Keith Randazzo / Dr. David Champagne


 Mission Byram


Buffalo and Decerto Crest


Crimson and Old Gold


The purpose of Decerto is to glorify God, to diffuse culture and encourage chivalry among men, to promote good fellowship through social events, to encourage studiousness, to promote spiritual maturity, to serve both the campus and the community, to inspire its members in seeking the best in their chosen lines of study as well as in life.

"In Decerto we live to do three things: Honor Everyone. Love the Brotherhood. Fear God. That mission, which proceeds directly from scripture, defines everything we are and do. We want to honor everyone as we participate in activities and service with other clubs and tribes and on MC’s campus in general. We want to love each other, our brotherhood, well by spending time in the community, having fun together, building one another up, and supporting each other academically as well as spiritually. We want to fear God. We want to live our lives acknowledging who He is, what His Word says, and what his son, Jesus, has done for us. This leads us to study his word together, to worship together, and to pray together. 

-Daniel Youngblood, Decerto President, 2021-2022