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Honor everyone, love the brotherhood, fear God


Dr. Keith Randazzo / Dr. Robert Burgess / TJ Williams


 Soul City Church


Buffalo and Decerto Crest


Crimson and Old Gold


The purpose of Decerto is to glorify God, to diffuse culture and encourage chivalry among men, to promote good fellowship through social events, to encourage studiousness, to promote spiritual maturity, to serve both the campus and the community, to inspire its members in seeking the best in their chosen lines of study as well as in life.

"Honor everyone, love the brotherhood, fear God. These are the three key aspects of life that we as members of Decerto Men’s Service Club strive to hold each other to. First, we ensure that we set an example as Christ has shown for us. We treat others exactly the way we want to be treated. We actively go out of our way to love and serve others. As a community of brothers and sisters in Christ, we hold one another up, encouraging each other, praying for each other, and holding each other accountable. Most importantly of all, we fear God. We stand in awe and reverence at his abounding love, mercy, and grace. He is our heavenly Father, the Creator of the universe who made us in His own image, who sent His only son to die and rise again, that we may share eternity with God if we put our faith in Him. Our primary purpose in life is to worship him and delight in all of His marvelous ways."

-Landon Ashley, Decerto President, 2022-2023