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Swannanoa Social Tribe creates and nurtures a sisterhood that seeks to serve, Christ, each other, our campus and our community as well as encourage, academic, social, and spiritual growth.

"Then make my joy complete, by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and in purpose."

-Philippians 2:2


Dr. Mignon Kucia


We Will Go Ministries


Owl and Bunny


Green and White


"To serve rather than be served."

"Our motto really does sum up what Swannanoa is all about. The tribe is made up of different women who each have a passion for service. Whether it’s driving to We Will Go to serve food and paint old houses, helping clean up and tear down after an event on campus, or sitting and praying together during a tough week— these women are so special and ready to put their needs aside for someone else’s.

Swannanoa Social Tribe is an incredible, hardworking organization that I am so thankful to be a part of. The friendships I have made are lifelong, and that is something that only comes when you are surrounded by people pursuing the same goal. In Swannanoa, I have found like-minded people who daily put Christ first and love their neighbors. ST is a sisterhood and family. Without each member, beaux, and sponsor (we love you Kucia!), it wouldn’t be the same."

-Sophia Tusant, Swannanoa President, 2021-2022