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Swannanoa Social Tribe creates and nurtures a sisterhood that seeks to serve, Christ, each other, our campus and our community as well as encourage, academic, social, and spiritual growth.

"Then make my joy complete, by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and in purpose."

-Philippians 2:2


Dr. Mignon Kucia


We Will Go Ministries


Owl and Bunny


Green and White


"To serve rather than be served."

"How do I describe Swannanoa?  Oh gosh, there is so much to say that a short quote could never describe it!  But if I could describe Swannanoa in one word it would be intentional (I know what you’re thinking what an MC word) but in Swannanoa they truly put action behind the word.  I’ve never felt like just another face in the tribe, I’ve had people check on me on some really dark days, and been my greatest source joy where I’ve laughed so hard I’ve cried.  I truly believe they encapsulate our verse Philippians 2:2.
One of my favorite quotes about clubs/tribes is 'clubs and tribes are not eternal but the relationships that are formed from them are.'  I can genuinely say I’m a better person because of Swannanoa."

-Jordan Ball, Swannanoa President, 2020-2021