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The Council is the governing body of the clubs and tribes of Mississippi College. Made up of members from MC's five women's tribes and five men's clubs, the Council oversees Recruitment, social organization policies, the club and tribe judicial process, and campus wide club and tribe events such as Follies and Derby Week. 

2021-2022 Council Officers

Olivia Grace Brookins

Olivia Grace Brookins - Council President 

Major: Biology Pre-Med
Hometown: Birmingham, AL

“Tribes and Clubs provide an amazing opportunity to meet and connect with so many different types of people! Being part of a tribe has been an incredible experience for me as I grew in a community with both upper and first-year students from all ten organizations! My tribe pushed me as a person, believer, and leader! I have met some of my closest friends through tribes and clubs, and I am so thankful I joined! Tribes and Clubs are also just so fun!! From swaps and socials, big/littles, and formals, there are so many fun experiences! Tribes and Clubs have been one of my favorite things about being at MC, and I would encourage everyone to give Recruitment a try! ” 

Ian Brown

Jarred Couch - Council President

Majors: Public Relations and Psychology
Hometown: Clinton, MS

"Clubs and tribes are such an impactful way to get involved on campus. You meet some of the most incredible and life-changing people. Being a part of a club taught me so much about brotherhood, family, and who I want to be when I finish my time at MC. I am so thankful that I decided to go through the process when I was a freshman. It taught me to be true to myself, stand up for what I believe in, and always do what’s right even if it’s hard. I also met my best friends who will undoubtedly be in my wedding one day in the future.  Clubs and tribes are an incredible way to get involved on campus, and I hope you all decide to take that step into having an even more amazing time at MC! "


Raley Holman - Council Vice President

Majors: Interpersonal Communications
Hometown: Athens, GA

"Clubs and Tribes are some of the best and easiest ways to get involved! Going through recruitment was one of the best decisions I made freshman year. Whether it has been cheering on my tribe at Swerve, competing in Derby Day, a regular Tuesday night meeting, or a Swap on Thursday night, my time spent in my tribe has given me some of the best memories and sweetest friendships. The last three years have given me opportunities to serve and have shown me what it means to lead well. The community I have found not only in my tribe but also within other organizations has pushed me towards my best and given me friends for the long haul. Clubs and tribes add such unique and special experiences that I could not imagine my college experience without. I am beyond excited to serve as the Council VP this year as I get the opportunity to encourage students to give recruitment a try; it’s so worth it!"