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The Council is the governing body of the clubs and tribes of Mississippi College. Made up of members from MC's five women's tribes and five men's clubs, the Council oversees Recruitment, social organization policies, the club and tribe judicial process, and campus wide club and tribe events such as Follies and Derby Week. 

2020-2021 Council Presidents

Emery Applegate

Major: Marketing
Hometown: Indianola, MS

“Clubs and Tribes are so FUN!!! Being in a tribe has been a huge part in my MC story. My tribe, like many others, has been a place that has brought some the most influential and empowering people in my life and some of my greatest friendships, a place that has challenged and developed my morals and values, my ethical bounds and my overall leadership style and how I want to carry myself. Being involved in clubs and tribes gives you the super fun opportunity to meet socialize and connect with so many people on campus not just your organization! It also is a really unique opportunity to really grow as an individual and as a brother or sister in Christ! I would encourage everyone to give Recruitment a try!!” 

Bradley Lewis

Major: Pre Physical Therapy
Hometown: Kiln, MS

"Clubs and tribes are one of my favorite things about MC. Because of clubs and tribes, I was able to be surrounded by outstanding guys who not only encouraged me but also challenged me in many ways! My time at MC would not be the same without clubs and tribes and my decision to go through Recruitment was one of the greatest I've ever made!"