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The Council is the governing body of the clubs and tribes of Mississippi College. Made up of members from MC's five women's tribes and five men's clubs, the Council oversees Recruitment, social organization policies, the club and tribe judicial process, and campus wide club and tribe events such as Follies and Derby Week. 

2022-2023 Council Officers

Kenzie Ricks - Council President 

Major: Graphic Design
Hometown: Brandon, MS

“Clubs and Tribes are an incredible opportunity that MC has for students to find a home within our community. Each organization has unique and individualized experiences to offer to those who are willing to look for it. Being a part of a tribe has connected me with so many students, both within and outside of my organization. I’ve made lifetime friendships and countless memories that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Whether it be goofy games with our beaux, intentional conversations with my sisters, or just having a blast at any of our events, joining a tribe was by far the most rewarding decision I’ve made during my time here at MC. I have seen growth like never before and have been consistently challenged in my faith to always strive for excellence and for a deeper understanding of Christ. Being a part of an organization brings community like no other. It offers accountability, support, fun, challenge, excitement, encouragement, and so much more. There are not enough words to describe how ‘worth it’ it is. You should 100% do recruitment!! 10/10 would recommend. Full send. DO IT!! You won’t regret it :)” 

CJ Reeves - Council President

Majors: Biology Pre-Med
Hometown: Kimberly, AL

"Clubs and tribes are hands down one of the best ways to get involved on campus. Club and tribe events likes swaps and socials to dancing at swerve makes for a great time! You can also meet so many amazing people. Me personally, have had a great experience going through the process and joining a club. I was pushed to grow as a person and a leader, and to really break out of my shell. Being in a club has been my favorite thing at MC and I would encourage everyone to experience it!"

Kendall Lauderdale - Council Vice President

Majors: Nursing
Hometown: Raymond, MS

"Clubs and tribes play a big role in our campus life. Between service projects, swaps and socials, follies and swerve, and intramurals, you will always see them around campus. They provide some of the best times and best friends — From setting up for tailgates, to goofing off in weekly meetings, I have always been pushed to be a better person, friend, and daughter in Christ. My tribe has shown me what it really looks like to serve others while also showing me what great leadership looks like. They rally with in my hardest times and are always my first encouragers in my best times. The community found in all ten organizations is like none other and I encourage every new student to go through recruitment!"