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Media Arts (K-12)


  • Dr. Stephanie Busbea
    Department of Art
    Aven 416

Catalog Requirements


Class Name


Media Arts K-12 (MS Code 103)

One required 3-hour course + 18 hours

of approved coursework = 21 hours


21 hours

ART 205* Intro to Graphic Software 3 hours-Required
ART 206 Digital Presentation 3 hours
ART 209 Digital Animation 3 hours
ART 215 Graphic Design I 3 hours
ART 317 Digital Illustration 3 hours
ART 414 Web Design I 3 hours
ART 481 Digital Photography 3 hours
COM 335 Electronic Cinematography 3 hours
COM 336 Television Workshop I 3 hours
COM 338 Mass Media Survey 3 hours
JOU 101 Journalism Laboratory I 3 hours
JOU 333 Journalism 3 hours
JOU 334 Multimedia Journalism 3 hours
MUS 209 Intro to Music Tehnology 3 hours

Other ART Electives

(See below)


By taking Art 205 (3 hours) and any six of the other courses (additional 18 hours), an endorsement in Media Arts may be added to a Mississippi Class A and above level license provided the educator holds that level license (total of 21 hours).

Art 205* is the only required course. Other courses are selected in consultation with an advisor according to the candidate’s interest. Advanced courses including Graphic Design II (ART 216—3 hours), Graphic Design III (ART 315—3 hours), or Graphic Design IV (ART 316—3 hours) are acceptable for coursework leading to the endorsement in Media Arts (K-12). Graduate graphic design courses may also be allowed.