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Teacher Education & Leadership

Educational Leadership, M.Ed. (Non-Licensure)

This is a non-licensure program for those who desire to be a leader in educational settings, establishing schools, extend their studies, and/or working in religious or international school settings

Education Leadership, M.Ed. (Non-Licensure Track)

Prepare to lead in an education system that does not require a license with this M.Ed. program that allows you the opportunity to individualize your study.

The Educational Leadership Non-licensure degree provides an opportunity to have advanced studies in education by comparing educational systems to develop highly qualified leaders.  This program allows students an opportunity to individualize a study in education through course selections in research, finance/business, leadership/motivation, curriculum and instruction, philosophies, modern language, communication and religious education. This program will fit the needs of individuals interested in teaching or leading in schools that do not require a license.  

General Admission Requirements

  1. Meet general university requirements to graduate school.
  2. Submit a letter of intent or purpose stating why you are seeking this degree and how you intend to use it.
  3. Submit a resume of education and work history.
  4. Provide 3 letters of recommendation addressing character (background) and perseverance to complete the program. The letters of recommendations should be completed by former employers or educators.
  5. Have a method for obtaining background check.

Master Of Education Guidelines

Each applicant must file with the Dean of Graduate Studies a complete dossier consisting of the following:

  1. International students must complete an application, submit documents, and be accepted by the Office of Global Education. Application may be completed on-line. 
  2. Graduate School Application for Admission - Application may be completed on-line.
  3. Application Fee - Pay the university application fee $35.00 (nonrefundable, must accompany application).
  4. Transcript(s) - One copy of official transcript(s) for all previous collegiate work. (Only official transcripts mailed from the school or college directly to the Dean of Graduate Studies will be accepted.) 
  5. Exam Scores - Documentation of acceptable scores on the GRE,  or  Praxis I Case and Praxis II content area.

Catalog Listing

This program requires a Master’s thesis.


Class Name


Required Core Course A research or writing course is required each semester 27
EDU 6504  Research — Methods and Procedures 3
EDU 6515 Comparative Education Systems 3
EDU 6563 Thesis I 3
EDU 6564 Thesis II 3
EDU 6519 Teaching and Learning 3
EDU 6542 Technology in Education 3
EDU 6518 Personal/Interpersonal Dimension of Leadership 3
EDU 6527 Organizational Dimension of Educational Leadership 3
MLG 5450 The Multicultural Classroom 3
Elective Courses Selected from an approved list which includes courses in education, business/finance, communications, Christian Studies, psychology, and specific subject areas related to research for master's thesis. 12
Total Hours   36

A Master’s Thesis on a comparative education topic is required. The thesis has to be presented in a research forum during the final semester.