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Business Education, M.Ed. 

Candidates must have adequate preparation in undergraduate credit from one or more of the following areas: Business Administration, Business Technology, and Accounting.

  1. Twelve semester hours of graduate credit in professional education core courses.
  2. A minimum of 12 semester hours of graduate work in Business Administration and 6 hours of electives. The program should be planned with the graduate advisor to determine if undergraduate prerequisites have been met.
  3. During the last semester of enrollment, candidates for the M.Ed. in Business Education must take comprehensive examinations based upon course work used to satisfy degree requirements. If applicable, the oral exam will also include a defense of the thesis. If judged unsatisfactory, all or part of the written and/or oral examination may be retaken once in the following semester or summer term.

The Master of Education in Business Education is a Secondary Subject Endorsement area.


  • Dr. Debbie Norris
    Vice President for Planning and Assessment & Dean of Graduate Studies
    Nelson 202