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Teacher Education & Leadership

Elementary Education

Challenges students with rigorous coursework to enhance their abilities as teachers who desire to effectively educate students.

Earn Your Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Elementary Education

Improve your student’s achievements and advance your K-6 licensure with this M.Ed. program.

The master’s in elementary education is for teachers who are seeking to improve their teaching effectiveness to enhance their young students’ achievement. Admission requirements include an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and a current MS teaching license. This program does not lead to initial licensure in Elementary Education but leads to an AA license for those who have an existing K-6 Elementary Education license.

What is a career in elementary education?

Elementary education degree careers allow you to work in public or private K-8 school settings. Graduates on paths to elementary education jobs have the opportunity to support student learning experiences through:

  • Assessing students’ strengths, abilities, and weaknesses
  • Developing lesson plans
  • Preparing students for standardized testing 

Candidates can choose from two delivery methods: Traditional (16-week courses) or Online (MC7 Program).

MC7 Online Program Option

With the launch of the MC7 online delivery system in summer 2017, courses are arranged in a specific sequence and are offered in five (5), 7-week terms which correspond with the fall (fall term 1 & 2), spring (spring term 1 & 2), and summer (summer term 1 & 2) semesters. The MC7 course rotation has been constructed to allow candidates who are full time (typically 2 classes per 7-week term) to complete their coursework in 10-12 months. For those students choosing part time (typically 1 class per 7-week term), the coursework can be completed in 20 months.

For additional information regarding the MC7 online program option including the course descriptions and rotation, please use the link provided below.


Admission Requirements

  1. General Requirements for acceptance to Mississippi College graduate school must be met.
  2. Submit a letter of intent or purpose stating why you are seeking this degree and how you intend to use it.
  3. Submit a resume of education and work history.
  4. Have a method for obtaining a background check (needed for field studies in schools)

Catalog Listing

Requirement Class Name Hours
Core Courses   15
EDU 6504 Research - Methods & Procedures 3
EDU 6522 Current Methodology in Elementary Education 3
EDU 6535 Curriculum Development 3
EDU 6488 Diagnostic/Prrescriptive Reading 3
EDU 6556 History of Education in the U.S. 3
Advanced Content Methods/Materials   15
EDU 6503 Teaching Elementary & Junior High Mathematics 3
EDU 6524 Teaching Skills of Reading & Comprehension 3
EDU 6525 Studies in the Teaching of Elementary School Language Arts 3
EDU 6528 Social Studies Education in the Elementary School 3
EDU 6540 STEM: Project-Based Science Curriculum 3
Comprehensive Exams In their last semester of enrollment, candidates for the M.Ed. in Elementary Education degree must take an oral comprehensive examination based upon course work used to satisfy degree requirements if their overall grade point average on graduate work is below 3.75. If judged unsatisfactory, all or part of the oral examination may be retaken once in the following semester or summer term. Candidates with a grade point average on graduate work equal to, or greater than, 3.75 will be exempt from the oral examination process.  
Total Hours   30