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Teacher Education & Leadership

Special Education, M.Ed.

This degree program offers enhanced effectiveness for teachers to better meet the needs of special education students in present day K-12 classrooms.

Earn A Special Education (SPED), M.Ed. Degree

Add Mild/Moderate Special Education (K-12) to your existing licensure with this Council of Exceptional Children Standards aligned degree program

The purpose of the The Master of Education degree in Special Education program is to provide the quality training needed to meet the needs of the special education students in our schools with highly qualified SPED teachers. The program is offered for those candidates that already have an undergraduate Education degree and are looking to add Mild/Moderate Special Education (K-12) to their existing educator license. Students would profit from the intense training of a Master's program in Special Education which would offer enhanced effectiveness in the present-day SPED classroom.

This program is aligned with the Council of Exceptional Children Standards for graduate degree programs leading to initial licensure and provides quality teacher training and preparation to meet the needs of special education students in K-12 classrooms.

Candidates can choose from two delivery methods: Traditional (16-week courses) or Online (MC7 Program). 

MC7 Online Program Option

With the launch of the MC7 online delivery system in summer 2017, courses are arranged in a specific sequence and are offered in five (5), 7-week terms which correspond with the fall (fall term 1 & 2), spring (spring term 1 & 2), and summer (summer term 1 & 2) semesters. The MC7 course rotation has been constructed to allow candidates who are full time (typically 2 classes per 7-week term) to complete their coursework in 10-12 months. For those students choosing part time (typically 1 class per 7-week term), the coursework can be completed in 20 months.

For additional information regarding the MC7 online program option including the course descriptions and rotation, please use the link provided below.

Catalog Listing

Requirement Class Name Hours
Required Core Courses   6
EDU 6504 Research — Methods and Procedures 3
EDU 6535 Curriculum Development 3
Required Content Courses   27
EDU 5413 Current Educational/Psychological Testing Procedures 3
EDU 5445 Characteristics of Students with Mild/Moderate Learning Problems 3
EDU 5455 Individualized Programming for Students with Mild/Moderate Learning Problems I 3
EDU 5456 Individualized Programming for Students with Mild/Moderate Learning Problems II 3
EDU 5457 Teaching Students with Moderate Learning Problems 3
EDU 5459 Organizational Procedures for Special Education 3
EDU 6488 Diagnostic/Prescriptive Reading 3
PSY 5435 Psychology of Exceptional Children 3
EDU 6999 Graduate Comprehensive Examination 0
Total Hours   30

Admission, Maintenance and Graduation Requirements

  1. Must have an undergraduate degree in Elementary, Secondary or K-12 Education.
  2. Must hold a current Class A MS Teacher/Educator License issued by the State Department of Education or be eligible for a reciprocal MS Educator License. (A photocopy of the standard educator license is required.)
  3. Must have at least twelve semester hours of undergraduate courses in education and psychology.
  4. Must have met or surpassed the MS State minimum score on the Praxis II Specialty Test.
  5. Must maintain a 3.0 quality point average.
  6. In their last semester of enrollment, candidates for the M.Ed. in Special Education degree must take a comprehensive examination based upon required coursework and field experiences. If judged unsatisfactory, all or part of the examination may be retaken once in the following semester or term.
  7. No degree requirement may be waived without the approval of the Graduate Dean