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Teacher Education & Leadership

Educational Leadership (Licensure Track), M.Ed.

Mississippi College provides exceptional leadership education that places a greater emphasis on teaching and learning.

Earn Your Master of Education Leadership Degree at MC

Develop excellence in teaching and learning through course modules focused on six dimensions of leadership, seminars and clinical experiences with practicing school leaders doing authentic administrative tasks.

The Master's degree in Educational Leadership provides a cohesive sequential delivery structure driven by problem-based and problem-centered learning activities. Program anchors include teaching and learning, technology, assessment, diversity, law and public policy, and collaboration. Internship experiences are integrated with course content and additional field experiences are structured to prepare the candidate for the work of an educational leader. These experiences in the educational setting are designed for candidates to work closely with mentors who are practicing school leaders engaging in authentic administrative tasks. Reflection is embedded throughout the program to enable candidates to reflect upon and improve practice. 

The Educational Leadership M.Ed. consists of 36 hours of coursework including 150 internship hours and an additional 360 hours of field experiences in the educational setting. Candidates can choose from two (2) delivery methods: traditional or online (MC7).

Traditional Program Option

Application deadline for the traditional program is May 1 of each year, and prospective candidates will be notified by May 15 of admission and classes for the cohort will begin during the first 5-week summer term in June.*

Consult the Program Coordinator or the Chair of the Teacher Education and Leadership Department for additional information concerning the cohort group process and the program schedule.

MC7 Online Program Option

With the launch of the MC7 online delivery system in summer 2017, courses are arranged in a specific sequence and are offered in six (6), 7-week terms which correspond with the fall (fall term 1 & 2), spring (spring term 1 & 2), and summer (summer term 1 & 2) semesters. The MC7 course rotation has been constructed to allow candidates who are full time (typically 2 classes per 7-week term) to complete their coursework in 12 months. For those students choosing part time (typically 1 class per 7-week term), the coursework can be completed in 24 months.

For additional information regarding the MC7 online program option including the course descriptions and rotation, please use the link provided below.

MC7 Online Program Overview

Deadlines for MC7 applications, full tuition payment, and registration for MC7 courses follow strict adherence to the calendar. 

MC7 Online Calendar

*The formation of a traditional program cohort will be dependent upon a minimum number of candidates admitted to the program each year.

Admission Requirements

  • Must meet Graduate Admission Requirements.
  • Must maintain a GPA of 3.0 to remain in the program.
  • Standard educator’s license and a minimum of 3 years teaching experience must be documented.
  • A photocopy of candidate’s Standard Class Educators license issued by a state department for education. Candidate must hold a Standard, 5 year, renewable license to be considered.

Graduation Requirements

The Program requirements before graduation include: 360 hours of field experience are required. The field experiences include a research study for 25 hours of field experience, 335 hours experiencing administrative activities and roles, and a reflective project.


Class Name


EDU 6517

Introduction to Administrator Preparation

EDU 6518

Personal/Interpersonal Dimension of Leadership


EDU 65261

Instructional Dimension of Leadership-Part I

EDU 65262

Instructional Dimension of Leadership-Part II

EDU 6527

Organizational Dimension of Educational Leadership

EDU 6532

Resource Dimension of Leadership

EDU 6533

Information Management Dimension of Leadership

EDU 6534

Political Dimension of Leadership 


EDU 65361

Focused Internship-Part I 


EDU 65362

Focused Internship-Part II


EDU 6553

School Law

Total Hours   36

Comprehensive Exams occur at the end of coursework.

Licensure Assessment

Graduates of the M.Ed. in Educational Leadership must pass the School Leaders Licensure Assessment (SLLA) before they can obtain a Class AA (Master's level) license in Administration.