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Teacher Education & Leadership

Curriculum & Instruction, M.Ed.

Equipping educators to improve their effectiveness in teaching and enhance student success.

Transform Your Classroom with A Master of Education in Curriculum And Instruction from MC

Develop effective instructional programs and manage safe, supportive learning environments using the latest evidence-based instruction and best practices.

The M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction provides current educators the skills and knowledge to improve their teaching effectiveness and enhance their students’ achievement. Throughout the program candidates will learn how to apply evidence-based instruction, assessments, national and state standards, and comprehensive accountability measures to help transform their classrooms. Candidates can choose from two delivery methods: Traditional (16-week courses) or Online (MC7 Program).

This is a practitioner-focused Master’s degree in curriculum and instruction for current educators who want to make a difference with effective instructional practices and curriculum development strategies.

Taught by dedicated faculty members who are practitioners first, this faith-based curriculum helps Educators translate the latest information on brain-based learning into effective classroom practices. Educators will be provided a background in current scientific research and best practices for developing effective instructional programs and managing safe, supportive learning environments.

Upon completion, students can apply to the Mississippi Department of Education for an upgrade from a Class A license to a Class AA license.

MC7 Online Program Option

With the launch of the MC7 online delivery system in summer 2017, courses are arranged in a specific sequence and are offered in five (5), 7-week terms which correspond with the fall (fall term 1 & 2), spring (spring term 1 & 2), and summer (summer term 1 & 2) semesters. The MC7 course rotation has been constructed to allow candidates who are full time (typically 2 classes per 7-week term) to complete their coursework in 10-12 months. For those students choosing part time (typically 1 class per 7-week term), the coursework can be completed in 20 months.

For additional information regarding the MC7 online program option including the course descriptions and rotation, please use the link provided below.

Admission, Maintenance and Graduation Requirements

  1. Must have completed a teacher education program from an accredited university and/or must have earned a Class A standard educator license issued by a State Department of Education or recognized State Agency. (A photocopy of the standard educator license is required.)
  2. Must have at least twelve semester hours of undergraduate courses in education and psychology.
  3. Must have met or surpassed the acceptable score on the Praxis II Specialty Test, appropriate state licensing test where teaching license was issued, or meet university GRE requirement.
  4. Must maintain a 3.0 quality point average.
  5. No degree requirement may be waived without the approval of the Graduate Dean.
  6. Must have minimum of eighteen hours of undergraduate courses in the teaching field in which the graduate degree will be pursued.
Requirements Class Name Hours
Required Core Courses  

EDU 6504

Research — Methods and Procedures Credits


EDU 6535

Curriculum Development Credits

Choose one of the following courses    

EDU 6522

Current Methodology in Elementary Education Credits


EDU 6523

Current Methodology in Secondary Education Credits


Required Content Courses


EDU 6503

Teaching Elementary and Junior High Mathematics Credits

EDU 6525

Studies in the Teaching of Elementary School Language Arts Credits

EDU 6526

Instructional Dimension of Leadership Credits


EDU 6533

Information Management Dimension of Leadership Credits


EDU 6540

Project-Based Science Curriculum Credits


EDU 6542

Technology in Education Credits


EDU 6554

Tests and Measurement Credits

Total    30