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Teacher Education & Leadership

Teaching Arts, M.Ed.

This program enables candidates who want to become instructors in the specialized field of teaching arts to seek Mississippi Alternate Route Licensure in either an Elementary or Secondary concentration.

Earn A Teaching Arts, M.Ed. (Alternate Route Licensure)

A Master program designed for those seeking an alternate path to becoming effective and relevant teachers in elementary or secondary education.

This master’s degree program is designed for graduates with a bachelor’s degree who are seeking the opportunity to teach in local schools as licensed educators. The aim of this program is to recruit students from diverse backgrounds who demonstrate character, maturity, scholarship, leadership, church/community involvement, and an interest in providing effective and relevant teaching practices to ensure student success in K-12 classrooms.

Completion of this program will enable candidates to seek Mississippi Alternate Route Licensure with either an Elementary (4-6) (K-6) concentration; a Biology, Chemistry, English, Mathematics or Social Studies Secondary (7-12) concentration; or an Art, Music, or Physical Education (K-12) concentration.

Catalog Listing

Requirement Class Name Hours
EDU 6506 Classroom Management for Elementary & Secondary Teachers 3
EDU 6554 Tests & Measurements 3
PSY 5435 Psychology of Exceptional Children 3
EDU 6537 * Dimensions of Learning I 3
EDU 6538 * Dimensions of Learning II 3
EDU 6504 Research - Methods & Procedures 3
EDU 6540/6550 STEM 3
Elementary Education (4-8) Concentration   9
EDU 6439 Advanced Integrating Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum 3
EDU 6467 Advanced Early Literature I 3
EDU 6468 Advanced Early Literature II 3
EDU 6488 Advanced Diagnocing and Assessing Reading Difficulties in Children 3
Secondary (7-12/K-12) Concentration   9
EDU 6535 Curriculum Development 3
EDU 6439 Advanced Integrating Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum 3
EDU 6523 Current Methodology in Secondary Education  
Comprehensive Exams In their last semester of enrollment, candidates for the M.Ed. in Teaching Arts degree must take an oral or written comprehensive examination based upon course work used to satisfy degree requirements if their overall grade point average on graduate work is below 3.75. If judged unsatisfactory, all or part of the oral examination may be retaken once in the following semester or summer term. Candidates with a grade point average on graduate work equal to, or greater than, 3.75 will be exempt from the oral or written examination process.  
Total Hours   33

Students must complete EDU 6506 and EDU 6554 and provide a copy of a valid teaching contract prior to enrollment in either EDU 6537 or EDU 6538. Students may not complete EDU 6537 or EDU 6538 while teaching under an emergency, or interim, license.)

Admission Requirements

  1. Cumulative GPA of 2.75 in undergraduate degree
  2. Passing scores on Praxis I Core Case tests (acceptable ACT score OR SAT score may be substituted); Passing score on Praxis II - Specialty Area Content Test.
  3. Elementary (4-6) applicants must also submit a Mississippi passing score for the Foundations of Reading Test.
  4. Secondary (7-12/K-12) applicants must also have a bachelor's degree OR 18 undergraduate credit hours (with grades of C or above) in the area of concentration as required by the Mississippi Department of Education 

Once criteria are met, candidates may register online. This is a Graduate program. All transcripts, Praxis I (ACT or SAT) scores, and Praxis II scores must be sent to the Graduate Admissions Office.

Following admission and successful completion of the pre-teaching required courses in EDU 6506 and 6554, candidates are eligible to apply for a Special Class A License (3-year non-renewable) with the Mississippi Department of Education. After successful completion of the pre-teaching, EDU 6506 and EDU 6554, and internship requirements, EDU 6537 and 6538, (total of 12 hours) students may apply for a Mississippi Standard A Alternate Route Educator License (5-year renewable).

Students may choose to continue with a Master’s of Education degree in Teaching Arts after achieving their alternate route certification. The 12 hours taken for certification can be counted toward the degree.