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A resume is a brief document that includes your education, qualifications, and experiences for a job application. It should be well organized with an emphasis on relevant experiences and accomplishments that are targeted to the industry and position for which you are applying.

Networking and LinkedIn

Professional networking is simple. Networking is about making connections and building relationships that can lead to a job or other work-related opportunities. Thoughtful networking is focused on soft skills and they way an individual talks to others about their job search. If done right it can lead to referrals, advice, information and support.

LinkedIn is a social network designed for career and business professionals to connect. It is ideal for building professional relationships and connecting people. 

Cover Letters

Your cover letter is your chance to communicate what makes you, you. But remember, employers can spot a form cover letter a mile away. So, while it’s important to highlight your experience, accomplishments, and skills, it’s essential that you research the company and connect your qualifications, passion, and interests to their needs.


Preparing for an interview is a whole lot more than Googling a company and reviewing the job description. In order to rock an interview, immerse yourself in your prospective employer’s world. A couple quick tips include using LinkedIn to look up company info and employee profiles and anticipate questions and think through and practice your answers out-loud (so you don’t get stuck feeling unprepared).

Salaries & Job Offers

Have a job offer in-hand and wonder what comes next? Or, would you just like to be prepared for when the day comes? Surprisingly, there's a lot more to consider than just the salary when evaluating a job offer.