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Quick Tips

  • Research the intended recipient thoroughly and understand the nature of the organization’s products or services before you begin writing.  
  • Keep your letter short, no more than 1 page.
  • Prepare a specific letter for each employer.
  • When possible, address each employer by name and title.
  • Open your letter with a strong sentence that will encourage the employer to keep reading.
  • Be sure to demonstrate how you can support the organization rather than how you hope to benefit from the job.
  • Highlight your strengths through your experiences by telling story with real examples. 
  • Tailor your letter to the interests and needs of the person to whom you are writing.  Focus on the outcomes that will help solve the employer’s problems.  
  • >Check carefully for grammatical and typing errors.  Have someone else proofread your letter before sending.  Remember that your cover letter is evidence of your communication and writing ability.