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Skills, knowledge needed for this field:

  • Willingness to work in dangerous and stressful situations
  • Ability to speak effectively with influence and persuasion
  • Use critical thinking and interpretation skills needed to compare and contrast evidence and to evaluate information and sources
  • Pass physical fitness tests and rigorous background checks
  • Maintain honesty, integrity, sound judgment and sense of responsibility

Develop your resume:

  • Become involved in student clubs, debate, publications, government and activities
  • Earn leadership roles in campus organizations
  • Volunteer for non-profit organizations and local campaigns
  • Join Phi Zeta Rho (the criminal justice club) or the Speech and Debate Team
Anti-Terrorism Intelligence Analyst Fraud Investigator
Appeals Examiner Harbor, Lake & Waterways Police
Arbitrator Immigration Inspector
Attorney Jailer
Bailiff Judge
Ballistics Expert Law Clerk
Border Patrol Agent Mediator
Child Support Services Worker Narcotics Investigator
Compliance Officer Parole Officer
Computer Security Specialist Police and Detective Supervisor
Correction Officer Police Artist
Court Administrator Police Identification and Records Officer
Court Reporter Police Officer
Criminal Investigator Probation Officer
Criminalist Sheriff
Customs Inspector Substance Abuse Counselor
Dispatcher Warden
Emergency Management Specialist  
Byram Police Department US Army JAG Corps
Mississippi Highway Patrol US Navy
State of Mississippi Wackenhut
State of Tennessee Xerox Services

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