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Skills, knowledge needed for this field:

  • Write essays, articles or other materials with attention to details
  • Ability to write clearly and speak effectively with influence and persuasion
  • Use critical thinking and interpretation skills needed to compare and contrast evidence to evaluate information and sources
  • Planning and managing skills; work with deadlines

Develop your resume:

  • Become involved in student clubs, debate, publications, government and other activities
  • Earn leadership roles in campus organizations
  • Volunteer for non-profit organizations and local campaigns
  • Join Phi Zeta Rho (the criminal justice club) or the Speech and Debate Team
Archivist Legislative Aide
Biographer Librarian
Corporation Historian Management Trainee
Curator Market Research Analyst
Economist Newspaper Reporter
Foreign Service Officer Political Scientist
Freelance Writer Preservation Specialist
Genealogist Public Opinion Pollster
Gerontologist Research Assistant
Historic Site Administrator Teacher
Historian Textbook Sales Representative
Human Services Worker Tour Guide
Labor Market Analyst Writer/Editor
Bellsouth Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance
Hinds County DA Office State of Mississippi
Mississippi Dept of Employment Security State of Tennessee
Mississippi Highway Patrol Supreme Court of Georgia
Mississippi Republican Party US Army JAG Corps
Private law firms US Navy

Additional resources and links: