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Career Development

Campus Interviews

Take part in on-campus interviews with employers who come to campus to recruit for professional, full-time positions.

As a Mississippi College student or recent graduate, you have access to various employers who come to campus to recruit for professional, full-time positions.

Career Development will walk you through Handshake, our online job board, as well as the application and selection process leading up to the on-campus interviews. 

To apply for campus interviews:

  1. Log in to Handshake.
  2. Select your icon in the top right corner. 
  3. Select "My Interviews" and then "On-Campus Interviews".
  4. Upload your resume and unofficial transcript.
  5. Submit your resume and transcript to the position.

Interview Cancellation and No-Show Policy 

Interview times may be changed or cancelled up to 48 hours before the scheduled interview.  You may do so directly on MC Handshake.  Cancellations less than 48 hours before the interview for reasons other than an emergency are not acceptable and will jeopardize your recruiting privileges.  If you must cancel your interview less than 48 hours before the interview, please contact Career Development at 601-925-3901.

If you miss an interview for any unexplained reason, or do not cancel an interview 48 hours in advance, your interview privileges will be revoked until further review.  You will be required to submit a letter of apology to the employer with a copy provided to MC Career Development before your interview privileges will be reinstated.  If you fail to attend an interview a second time, it will result in termination of your MC Handshake account and you will not be eligible for reinstatement.

Failure to appear for scheduled interviews prevents other students from using your time slot and reflects poorly on your professionalism and MC’s relationship with the employer.  Therefore, it is important when you sign up for an interview you follow through on this commitment.