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Skills, knowledge needed for this field:

  • Write essays, articles, or other materials with attention to details
  • Create powerful images with sight, sound, motion & words
  • Ability to write clearly and speak effectively with influence and persuasion
  • Possess editing skills
  • Use critical thinking and interpretation skills needed to compare and contrast evidence and to evaluate information and sources
  • Planning and managing skills; work with deadlines
  • Extensive working knowledge of the English language

Develop your resume: 

  • Write for the Collegian
  • Tutor for the Writing Center
  • Be a conversation partner with the International Center
  • Save samples of your work to be included in your portfolio
  • Participate in the Speech and Debate Team
  • Create a professional blog
Author Librarian
Book Reviewer Lobbyist
Contract Specialist Novelist
Copywriter Publications Editor
Creative Writer Speech Writer
Editor Teacher
Freelance Writer Technical Writer
Journalist Travel Writer
Lawyer Writer
Boeing Aircraft Co. MS Home Corporation
Chicago Daily Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal
Citi St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital
COLSA Corporation The Clarion-Ledger
Ergon The Jackson Progressive
Godwin Group The Magnolia Gazette
Holly Publications Various colleges & universities
MS Dept of Wildlife & Fisheries Vicksburg-Warren School District

Additional resources and links: