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Skills, knowledge needed for this field:

  • Possess empathy for others, analytical skills and interpersonal awareness
  • Service orientation; emotionally mature, objective, and sensitive to others
  • Use active listening and social perceptiveness skills needed to evaluate, assess and treat behavioral and affective disorders of clients/patients
  • Possess thorough knowledge of human behavior and performance as well as a knowledge of principles, methods and procedures for the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of physical and mental dysfunctions

Develop your resume:

  • Gain experience by volunteering at hospitals, soup kitchens, battered women homes, crisis hotlines, etc.
  • Obtain an academic internship
Admissions Counselor Program Director
Child Care Worker Resident Advisor
Claims Administrator Survey Researcher
Community Educator Training Coordinator
Human Resources Manager Volunteer Coordinator
Counselor, Specialties:
Behavioral Disorder Mental Health
Educational, Vocational & School Rehabilitation
Foster Care Substance Abuse
Psychologist, Specialties:
Clinical Health
Counseling Industrial/organizational
Developmental Physiological
Environmental Rehabilitation
Experimental School
Family Social 
Forensic Sports
Baptist Children's Village Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians
Brentwood Behavioral Health Mississippi College
CARES Behavioral Health System Mississippi Dept of Human Services
Compass Intervention Center Mississippi State Hospital
Department of Public Welfare Preventive Measures Programs
Gilmore Memorial Hospital River Region Health System
Haven House Family Shelter Southeast Louisiana Hospital
Hinds Community College University of Mississippi Medical Center
Jackson Public School District Veterans Affairs
JP Morgan Chase Warren-Yazoo Mental Health
Lakeside Behavioral Health Youth Villages
Mercy Ministries of America  

Additional resources and links: