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Skills, knowledge needed for this field:

  • Explore and develop your relationship with the Lord
  • Develop interpersonal, multi-tasking and management skills
  • Possess empathy for others, an appreciation for diversity, and an interest in social change
  • Be service oriented, emotionally mature, objective and sensitive to others
  • Use active listening and social perceptiveness skills needed to evaluate and assess the needs of your community/organization

Develop your resume:

  • Assist in the organization of your church's Vacation Bible School
  • Become active in campus ministry
  • Volunteer with the MC Community Service Center
  • Participate in local, regional, national, and/or global mission work
  • Write your statement of faith
Author Mission Project Coordinator
Business Administrator Missionary Evangelist
Campus Minister Music Minister
Chaplain Not-for-profit Director
Community Organization Worker Pastor
Conflict Mediator Professor
Crisis Intervention Specialist Relief Team Director
Foreign Missionary Spiritual Director
Life Coach Student Minister
Liturgist Youth Minister
Christian City Children's Home New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
Fellowship of Christian Athletes Samford University
Foreign Mission Board - SBC Tennessee Baptist Convention
International Mission Board United States Army
Mississippi Baptist Convention Various churches
Mississippi College  

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