Mississippi College

Student Spotlight

Stephen Wade

Rising Senior, Business Administration

"In the fall of my junior year, I got my resume reviewed with Career Services. I also set up a profile through CareerLink, the online job board for MC students. A Career Services professional helped me find and interview for an internship with Raytheon. Through honest feedback and coaching, I went in to interview without being nervous- but genuine, polished, and interested in the company. No matter what kind of student you are or where you are in your academic journey, Career Services can help. No one has a perfect resume and no one interviews perfectly, but Career Services sharpens these skills and knows what employers are looking for. Career Services helped me land an internship this summer at Raytheon as a Financial Analyst. I am hoping that this internship gives me experience and direction as to where I want my career to go, possibly with Raytheon!"

Emily Alexander

May 2012 Graduate, Public Relations/Communications

"I did not visit Career Services until my junior year at MC, which looking back, I regret. There are so many helpful resources made available to students, even as freshmen, and I wish I had utilized them sooner. A Career Services professional helped me narrow my endless list of career possibilities in one meeting. I left the office that day with a resume, cover letter, and a sense of direction. Once I decided to pursue my dream of being a journalist, Career Services backed me up 100%. Not only did they help me compose a resume and cover letter, but they were there for me every time I needed to make adjustments. They also told me about internship opportunities, including one at WLBT that I landed my senior year as well as one with the International Mission Board that I did the summer after I graduated. Career Services has so many practical resources to assist students in their pursuit of jobs or internships, but more than that, students can know that when they are talking to someone in Career Services, they are talking to someone who believes in them and has their best interest in mind, and that is a huge encouragement. I am currently working as a News Producer at WLOX in Biloxi, Mississippi. I get to write the news every day, which still seems surreal to me."

Dezmon Abram

2013 Graduate, Chemistry Medical Sciences

"I first used Career Services in my sophomore year when seeking campus employment. In my junior and senior years, I came back to Career Services seeking career and life goal advice. Not only did I find campus employment and learn to write a resume, but Career Services helped me create plans to pursue life and career goals. Like many other students, I had an idea of where I was going, but I did not know practically how to get there. Career Services provided me with the right tools and advice to help me get into the University of Mississippi Medical Center, starting in fall of 2013."

Jacob Morgan

May 2013 Graduate, Biology Medical Sciences

"I used Career Services to prepare for my medical school interview. In the interview coaching session, I learned to formulate my thoughts in clear, concise, 3-step answers. Career Services does a great job of preparing students for the future by focusing on tying together what students learn in the academic realm to future careers, goals, and opportunities. I recommend Career Services to other students so that they can confidently articulate answers for upcoming interviews. Beginning in fall of 2013, I will be a medical student at the University of Mississippi Medical Center."