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Majors & Degrees

Online Instruction and Design (K-12)

Designed for students who are seeking training and preparation in developing, teaching, managing, and assessing effective online instruction in today’s K-12 schools

The Master's of Education degree program was designed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to create and conduct opportunities for current educators to enhance and improve their online teaching skillset, specifically to assist with the K-12 academic needs from the pandemic.  The program is supported by funding from a GEER grant. Courses will be offered in both online and face-to-face delivery formats.

Required Core Courses (12 semester hours)

  • EDU 6504—Research: Methods & Procedures (3 hours)
  • EDU 6535—Curriculum Development (3 hours)
  • EDU 6522—Current Methods of Elementary Education (3 hours)
  • EDU 6523—Current Methods of Secondary Education (3 hours)

Required Content Courses (18 semester hours)

  • EDU 6400—Orientation to M.Ed. in Online Instruction* (0 hours)
  • EDU 6542—Technology in Education (3 hours)
  • EDU 6401—Foundations of Online Instruction: Theory & Practice (3 hours)
  • EDU 6402—Development & Assessment for Online Instruction (3 hours)
  • EDU 6403—Management & Resources for Online Instruction (3 hours)
  • EDU 6404—Differentiation Strategies for Online Instruction (3 hours)
  • EDU 6405—Leadership Practices to Support Online Instruction
  • Total (30 Semester Hours)

*This self-paced orientation course is required for all students during their first term of enrollment in the Master's program. The online course will guide students through program specific topics providing a foundational introduction to the online program.

Admission, Maintenance, and Graduation Requirements

  1. Must have completed a teacher education program from an accredited university and/or must have earned a Class A standard, educator license issued by a state department of education or a recognized state agency.
  2. Must have at least twelve semester hours of undergraduate courses in education and psychology.
  3. Must have met or surpassed the acceptable score for Mississippi on the Praxis II Specialty Test or appropriate state licensing tests where teaching license was issued.
  4. Must maintain a 3.0 quality point average.

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