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Students must:

  1. Maintain good standing by earning 3.00 cumulative grade point average. Good standing is required before students can apply for graduation and participate in comprehensive exams.
  2. Fifty percent of all course work must be taken at the 6000-level.
  3. Complete 31 hours of graduate course work as outlined in program requirements including the two practicum experiences.
  4. During the final semester of coursework a candidate will complete the following requirements:
    1. Complete 27 hours of coursework in selected concentration.
    2. Complete four hours of practicum.
    3. Successfully complete a Comprehensive Examination administered by the Department in the last semester of the program.

*Students should contact Dr. Kyle Brantley and Tracy May to schedule comprehensive exams, at the beginning of their last semester.  Students should also apply for graduation at the beginning of their last semester in the program.