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Majors & Degrees

Teaching Arts

Equips students who want to become instructors in the specialized field of teaching arts.

This master’s degree program is designed for graduates with a bachelor’s degree who are seeking the opportunity to teach in local schools as licensed educators. The aim of this program is to recruit students from diverse backgrounds who demonstrate character, maturity, scholarship, leadership, church/community involvement, and an interest in providing effective and relevant teaching practices to ensure student success in K-12 classrooms.

Completion of this program will enable candidates to seek Mississippi Alternate Route Licensure with either an Elementary (4-6) concentration; a Biology, Chemistry, English, Mathematics or Social Studies Secondary (7-12) concentration; or an Art, Music, or Physical Education (K-12) concentration.

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Career Options

Many graduates go beyond teaching to pursue careers in:

  • Technology
  • Assessment
  • Diversity
  • Public policy
  • Collaboration
  • Education
  • Local government

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