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University Place and College Plaza Instructions

*You are NOT able to renew your current CP or UP room. You must re-apply through the housing application for an apartment in College Plaza or University Place.*

Steps to apply: 

  1. Make sure that all of your account holds are removed.
    Contact the Business Office for more information 
  2. Decide who will be your group leader
  3. Log into your housing application, Signups, and sign in on Feb. 24th at or after 10pm
  4. Click on "Housing Application" 
  5. Select "Academic Year 2019-2020" then click "Save & Continue"
  6. Begin filling out all steps leading up to "Manage Roommate Group"
  7. Complete "Manage Roommate Group" step
    Have your group leader select "Create a new group" and select a password
    Label group: “University Place – YOUR UNIQUE GROUP NAME" (4 students)
    Label group: “College Plaza – YOUR UNIQUE GROUP NAME” (2 students)
  8. Share the group name and password with the other members of your group
  9. Other members need to go to "Manage Roommate Group" step and select "Join Roommate Group"
  10. They will type in "Group Name" and the "Group Password" and select save and continue
    Group members are done after this step
  11. Group leader MUST log back into their housing application and go to "Manage Roommate Group" and scroll towards the bottom of the page and under "Options" select "Verify group"
  12. Once the above steps have been completed your roommate group will be completed
  13. You can email,, to see if your group and group members have been verified.
Further Instructions

Residence Life will assign rooms and notify you if you have been selected for University Place or College Plaza by March 7th  

Assignments will be decided by seniority and timeliness of completing your group. "Squatter" refers to students currently residing in University Place or College Plaza. 

  • Squatters: All Seniors

  • Groups of all seniors (no squatters)

  • Squatters: Mixed Senior/Junior groups

  • Mixed Senior/Junior groups (no squatters)

  • Squatters: All Junior groups

  • All Junior groups (no squatters)

UP:CP Selection Priority .png

You are "squatting" for the apartments as a whole, not a specific building or room. Squatters rights do not guarantee that you will be placed in an Apartment

  • If you do not get a University Place or College Plaza apartment or want to live in another residence hall, you will return to the housing portal on your assigned priority date.