The ABC's of Res Life Rules | Residence Life | Mississippi College
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The ABC's of Residence Life are the guidelines for living in the residence halls.

  • A - Alcohol is prohibited
  • B - Basketball, soccer, and other sports are not to be played in the hallways
  • C - Candles are not allowed
  • D - Decorations must not remove paint or make holes in walls
  • E - Emergencies should be reported immediately (call 3911 if needed)
  • F - Fish in ten-gallon tanks or smaller are the only allowed pets.
  • G - Garbage should be disposed of in outside trash cans - don’t be smelly!
  • H - Hallways must be clear of personal belongings (storage is not available at MC)
  • I - ID cards should be carried at all times
  • J - Justice will be served when disciplinary action is taken
  • K - Keys should be kept with you at all times, even if you’re just going down the hall
  • L - Laundry items are your responsibility to keep track of
  • M - Music should not disturb your neighbors & should be appropriate for all ears
  • N - Neatness is the rule in all areas of the residence hall
  • O - Outside doors being propped open will result in stiff fines being issued
  • P - PDA, pets, and inappropriate posters are not allowed
  • Q - Quiet hours (10:00 pm to 8:00 am) should be observed every night
  • R - Room checks may be done at any time, so keep it clean and legal
  • S - Sprinkler heads are not a closet - Do not hang ANYTHING from them! (min. $1000 fine)
  • T - Tobacco use of all kinds is prohibited in the residence halls
  • U - Unlocked doors are an invitation for theft
  • V - official visitation is the only time to have a visitor of an opposite gender
  • W - Weapons of any kind are not allowed in the hall
  • X - X-rated videos and posters are prohibited
  • Y - Your room damages are your responsibility
  • Z - Z is the last letter of the alphabet!