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Room Information


Please note that the mattresses measure 80", are considered to be extra-long and that XL twin sheets will fit best. 

Need help finding extra-long bedding to fit the mattresses in our halls? We can help! Mississippi College has partnered Dormify for several years to provide our students and families with a convenient, affordable way to ensure you have sheets that will fit all of the beds on campus. Please visit the Dormify website for more details:


Cable is provided in common areas and lobbies throughout the university. Televisions are not provided. Wifi is provided in all Residence Halls.


The residence halls have tile floors. Students are allowed to bring carpet or area rugs but are not allowed to use carpet tape.


All residence halls are equipped with mini-blinds. Some students choose to put up curtains, too. Tension rods are the only acceptable way to hang curtains.


No nails, screws, sticky tape or glue may be used on any walls. Cork strips have been installed in some of the residence halls for students to hang posters, etc. The walls are painted neutral colors and may not be painted.


The eleven residence halls have oak furniture. In order to avoid charges, students should take care to not scratch or abuse the furniture. Each room has 2 single beds that can be bunked, 2 desks with chairs and 2 chest of drawers. All furniture must remain in the rooms.

  Desk Dresser Bed
Height 30" 45" 25"/34"
Length 42" 30" 80"
Width 24" 18" -

NOTE: No lofts, stilts or cinder blocks!


Under strict guidelines, the only pets allowed are fish in ten-gallon tanks or less. For the further guidelines and more information, please visit the Office of Residence Life. 


Residents may no longer have personal microwaves in their room. To compensate for this change, Mississippi College is now making MicroFridges available for rental or purchase in the following residence halls: University Place, Quick Hall, Cockroft-Caldwell Hall, East Tower, West Tower, Mary Nelson, Chrestman, Latimer-Webb, Hederman, Gunter, Ratliff, and Whittington. Follow this link to find out more! Because MC has a contract with, only their MicroFridges are allowed in the residence halls. To view a video with more information about the micro fridge, use this link 

The only appliances allowed in the rooms are small refrigerators (only 1 per room and they cannot be taller than 3 feet), coffee pots, and irons. Coffee pots and irons must have a functioning automatic shut-off switch.

All other appliances, (i.e. microwaves, toasters, ovens, hot plates, sandwich makers, air fryers, space heaters, etc.) even with an automatic shut off, are prohibited. Each residence hall is equipped with a kitchen that contains an oven and at least one microwave.


All residents are expected to keep their rooms clean and safe. The residents must maintain the private bathrooms or suites in Cockroft-Caldwell Hall, Quick Hall, and East & West Towers. Occasionally the Residence Life Staff will check the students' rooms. 

More details found here: Measurements