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Residence Life


Get to know your RA's, Assistant Director of Residence Life, Area Coordinators, Assistant Area Coordinators, and Office Manager

2018-2019 Residence Life Staff


Lead Resident Assistants


Left to Right Back Row: Matt Castle, Clark Kilgore, Creed Hendrickson, Thomas Hamrick

Left to Right Front Row: Madison Batarseh, Kat Whitman, Sav Schulz, Emily Heath, Sam Montgomery, Lexey Monceaux

Chrestman Hall


Left to Right Back Row: Katie Nobles, Sydney Rester, Anna Maria Dempsey (RD), Emily Rayburn, Lexey Monceaux

Left to Right Front Row: Loren Meyers, Kellee Cornelius, Hannah McCloud, Madelynn Dennis, Alexis Jones

College Plaza and University Place 


Left to Right Back Row: Mason Cosby, Amy Caroline White, Anna Leigh Breedlove, Chris Thomason, Creed Hendrickson

Left to Right Front Row:  Landrie Ethredge (RD), Lauren Hardesty, Allison Vaughn, Sav Schulz

Hederman, Gunter, Mary Nelson


Left to Right Back Row: Mathew Meadows, Isaac Barber (RD), Zach Zito, Hampton Creel

Left to Right Middle Row: Lydia Lagg, Calen Doty, Peyton Sampson, Madison Batarseh

Left to Right Front Row: Katie Jennings, Lauren Guthrie, Kyra Harriss



Left to Right: Caitlin Malone, Cranesha Roberson, Anna Perez, Lauren Metz, Sarah Ellison (RD), Sarah Quinn, Emily Heath, Jessica Singleton

New Men's


Left to Right Back Row: Charles Williams (RD), Zach Oswalt, Matt Castle, Peter Wilson

Left to Right Front Row: John Adams, Aaron Meek, Alex Thomson, Andrew Jetzel

New Women's East


Left to Right Back Row: Grace Anne Moore, Jessica Clark, Katy Hare, Katelyn Caughman, Abbie Hunter 

Left to Right Front Row: Cameron Petermann, Brynn Latham, Madison Hinson, Sam Montgomery, Michelle Mihalko (RD)

New Women's West


Left to Right Back Row: Hannah Brown, Sydney Thigpen, Kat Whitman, Allie Wilson, Brandy West (RD)

Left to Right Front Row: Kelbe Logan, Aysia Warner, Grace Hughes, Alexa Hirschfield, Hannah Park



Left to Right Back Row:  Alex Rodriguez, Bradley Lewis, Christian Frost, Nick Shepherd

Left to Right Front Row: Walt Klopner (RD), Maxwell Pappas, Christian Litz, Thomas Hamrick



Left to Right Back Row:  Steven Peacock, Jacob Wipperman, Clark Kilgore, Terrance Williams

Left to Right Front Row: Reagan Ivey, Sam Sturgis (RD), Keelea Wood, Gideon Geisel