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In the case of serious injury or sudden illness anywhere on the main campus, the immediate concern is to aid the injured or sick person. The following guidelines are just that: Guidelines. Obviously, in times of emergency, good judgment is essential.

  • In the event of an obvious need for off-campus Emergency Medical Personnel, call 911 first (campus phones dial 9-911).
  • Call the Office of Campus Safety, 601.925.3204 or 601.925.3911.  Explain the situation to the responding officer.
  • If in a residence hall, contact the RA On Call.

After the injurer’s immediate needs are met, notify at least one of the following:

Mr. Mike Warren

Director, Office of Public Safety | 601.925.3834

Dr. Jonathan Ambrose

Associate Vice President for the Student Experience and Dean of Students | 601.925.3275 

Mr. Seth Brill

Director of Residence Life | 601.925.7844

Mr.  Jonathan Nutt

Assistant Dean of Students | 601.925.3248