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Tobacco-Free Campus

Mississippi College is a Tobacco-Free Campus.

The use of all tobacco and smoking products, which includes all electronic cigarettes and vapor products, is not permitted.  

This includes (but not limited to):

  • in all buildings and facilities;
  • on all outside property or grounds, including sidewalks, walkways, breezeways, parking lots, garages, patios, roofs, recreational areas, and athletic facilities and venues;
  • within thirty (30) feet of main public entrances (per City of Clinton ordinance); and
  • in all Mississippi College vehicles.


This policy applies to all individuals while on Mississippi College’s campus and shall remain in effect at all times. Individuals in violation will be reminded or informed of the policy and asked to comply.

Formal personnel or student disciplinary action will be taken should a member of the campus community (employee or student) refuse to comply when encountered. Repeated offenses will likewise result in formal action.

Guests or visitors refusing to comply when addressed will be asked to leave the campus.

Smoking Cessation Programs

Members of the Mississippi College community who desire information or assistance regarding smoking cessation and support programs should contact MC Wellness for Life at 601-925-7752, or visit