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Residence Life

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to many questions that you may have about Mississippi College Residence Life.

Who can sign up?

  • All undergraduate students currently residing in on-campus housing who plan to be enrolled for Fall Term 2022 are eligible to participate in Housing Sign-Up.
  • All new students who have been accepted to the university and have paid their $200 non-refundable housing application fee.
  • If you want to return to on-campus housing after living off-campus, you can still apply for on-campus housing after all the current on-campus undergraduate residents update.

What is my priority?

Current Students: Housing sign-up is based on the student’s number of credit hours completed and the hours you are currently enrolled in for the 2022 Spring semester.

Incoming Freshmen and Transfers:  Housing sign-up is based on when a student has been accepted to MC and when their $200 housing application fee is paid.  Please visit the Incoming Freshmen or Transfer pages to review the Housing for Fall 2022 - Spring 2023 timeline.

What if I need a roommate or have roommate preferences?

  • Students will be able to go in and search for a specific student to request as their roommate, create their own housing profile, and search the profiles of other students who have applied for on-campus housing.
  • You can only select individuals to be your roommate if they have completed a housing application. 

How do I apply for housing?

How will I know if I successfully signed up for a room?

  • You can return to the "Application Status" tab in the online housing portal to review your current housing assignment.  

Can I change my assignment after I am assigned to a room?

  • Students can return to the online housing portal and change their room assignments as many times as they wish until Housing Sign-Up ends on July 31, 2022.
  • Students can also email to request to change rooms.
  • After July 31, 2022 assignments will not be changed until after the two-week freeze period that begins on the first day of classes.  

What if I want to cancel my housing assignment after I sign up?

Students can cancel their housing assignment or application anytime. Just remember that Mississippi College has an on-campus living requirement so make sure you have reviewed the Residency Requirement Policy before making any final decisions. To cancel, log back into the online housing portal and cancel your application or assignment.   

What is the cost of housing for 2022-2023?

Below are the costs for 2022-2023, they are subject to change for the 2023-2024 academic year. 
Double Occupancy Room (meal plan required for additional cost)

  • Quick Hall/Cockroft-Caldwell/East Tower/West Tower: $3,725.00
  • Chrestman/Latimer-Webb/Mary Nelson/Whittington: $3,000.00

Private Room (meal plan required for additional cost)

  • Quick Hall/Cockroft-Caldwell/East Tower/West Tower: $7,450.00 per semester 
    • These spaces are only available if space allows - NOT AVAILABLE FOR FALL 2022
    • These are suite-style or private bathroom style buildings
  • Chrestman/Latimer-Webb: $6,000.00 per semester
    • There are six rooms available in each building
    • These are buildings with community-style bathrooms

University Place (Juniors and Seniors only; some Honors College students) (no meal plan required)

  • $5,750.00 per semester with 100 points and no meal plan

College Plaza (Juniors and Seniors only) (no meal plan required)

  • $4,200.00 per semester with 100 points and no plan (double occupancy 1 bedroom apartment)
  • $5,050.00 per semester with 100 points and no plan (double occupancy 2 bedroom apartment)

Graduate Housing

  • Loft Apartments: $6,200.00 per semester and no meal plan (single occupancy 1 bedroom apartment)
  • College Plaza Apartments: $4,635.00 per semester and no meal plan (single occupancy 1 bedroom apartment)
  • Both apartment complexes are on a 12-month contract

Summer Rates

  • Double Occupancy Residence Hall room or shared apartment: $850.00 per session and no meal plan

Are all spaces in upperclassmen housing available for returning students?

  • No, a limited number of spaces in each upperclassmen hall are held back for new transfer students based on the projected numbers from the Admission Office. In addition, all ADA rooms are held for students needing those spaces.

Do students who need ADA accommodations need to do to sign up for housing?

  • Students with medical accommodations currently on file with the counseling and student support services office DO need to renew them. Students who do not have any accommodation requests currently on file and need one should contact the Counseling and Disabilities Services Office. These students will still need to complete an online housing application and contact the Counseling and Disabilities Services Office directly with their ADA request. The requests and housing application should be done by March 15th for Returning students and May 7th for New students. Counseling and Disabilities Services and Residence Life will review all ADA accommodations and assign those students to spaces that meet their needs.
  • Please visit the Counseling and Disabilities Services website for more details.

How do squatters' rights and selection priority work for University Place or College Plaza?

  • For all on-campus apartments, current students who are either rising Juniors or Seniors will form a group of four students for University Place or College Plaza. They can start making their groups on March 14th at 10pm. 
  • If you currently live in College Plaza or University Place you CANNOT renew your room. You MUST create a group and re-apply for an apartment.